Unveiling the Powerhouse: Intel’s Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz Processor

Unveiling the Powerhouse: Intel’s Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz Processor

Welcome to our product review blog post, where we⁤ will be discussing the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core (EU80570PJ0806M) ⁤Processor Only. As technology ‌enthusiasts with firsthand experience, we have had the opportunity to test​ and evaluate this powerful processor. Boasting impressive specifications and advanced technologies, this ​processor is sure to ⁤enhance any computer system it accompanies. Join us ‌as ​we⁢ dive into the ‍details and share our insights ⁣on ⁤this incredible product.

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When it comes to a reliable and efficient processor for your computer, the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core Processor stands out​ as a top choice. With its Wolfdale core ‌and clock speed of 3.0 GHz, this processor delivers‌ impressive performance for a variety of tasks. Whether you’re working on complex projects or enjoying multimedia entertainment, this processor ensures smooth⁣ and speedy operation.

With⁢ a 6 MB L2⁣ cache and ⁣1333 MHz FSB⁣ speed, the Core 2 Duo E8400 provides ample power⁣ for multitasking and demanding applications. Its 45 nm lithography and 65 W thermal design power make it energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption and keeping ⁢your system‌ cool. Additionally, this Intel processor is equipped with advanced ⁤technologies ⁣such as Intel⁤ Virtualization Technology, Intel Trusted Execution Technology, and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, enhancing the overall performance⁢ and security ​of your computer.

If you’re looking for a processor that delivers excellent performance and ‌efficiency, the Intel Core 2 Duo ‍E8400 ​3GHz Dual-Core Processor is a great choice. Upgrade your system now and experience faster speeds and smoother operation. Ready‍ to get your hands on this⁣ powerhouse? Click here to⁤ purchase⁣ it now!

Product Features ⁣and‌ Aspects

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When it ⁢comes to ⁣the of the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core Processor,⁢ there are several standout elements that make this processor a reliable choice ‍for any computer setup.

First and foremost, the processor boasts a ⁢clock speed of 3.0 GHz, ensuring smooth and speedy performance​ for⁣ all of your computing tasks. This speed ⁤is further enhanced by the 6MB L2 cache, which allows for quick data retrieval and processing.

Additionally, the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 supports advanced technologies such‍ as⁢ Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) and Intel Virtualization Technology for‍ Directed I/O (VT-d). These features enable​ seamless virtualization, making it easier ​to ⁣run multiple operating systems or software simultaneously.

Furthermore, the processor is equipped with Intel ‌Trusted Execution Technology, which enhances security by creating a secure environment for executing code and protecting against ⁣malicious attacks.

Another‍ notable feature is the ‌Intel 64 ⁣Architecture, which allows for compatibility with 64-bit operating systems and software, enabling you to take full advantage of the capabilities of modern‍ computing.

The ⁣Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 also incorporates ‍Idle States and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep ‍Technology, which improve power efficiency by dynamically ⁣adjusting the ⁢processor’s performance based on workload demands. This ensures optimal energy usage and helps‌ to prolong the ‍lifespan of your system.

Lastly, the processor includes Thermal Monitoring ‌Technologies⁤ and Execute Disable⁤ Bit, which provide thermal management and enhanced security measures respectively.

With all these impressive features and aspects, the Intel Core 2‍ Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core Processor is a reliable and well-rounded choice for any computer setup. To experience its power and efficiency firsthand, click here to⁢ purchase it on Amazon.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations


When it comes ​to the Intel Core 2 Duo‍ E8400 3GHz​ Dual-Core processor, we have some to share. This processor, with its Wolfdale core‍ and clock speed of 3.0 GHz, offers a powerful ​performance that is sure to impress. With a 6 MB L2 cache and a FSB speed of 1333 MHz, this​ processor delivers smooth ​multitasking and efficient data transfer.

One of the standout features of ⁢the Intel Core ⁢2 Duo E8400 is its advanced technologies. With Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) and Intel Virtualization‍ Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d), this processor enables seamless virtualization and enhanced ⁤I/O performance. Additionally, the inclusion of Intel Trusted Execution⁣ Technology ensures‍ a higher level of security for your system.

With‍ a thermal design power of just 65 W, the Intel Core 2 Duo‍ E8400 is​ energy efficient and ⁤helps to keep your system running cool. It also⁣ features Idle States and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep‍ Technology, which further optimize power consumption. Plus, the inclusion of Thermal Monitoring Technologies and ‌Execute Disable Bit enhances system reliability‍ and ⁢security.

In summary,⁢ the Intel Core 2 ⁣Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core processor is a reliable and ⁢efficient choice for those in need of‌ a powerful processor. Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator,‍ or simply someone ‌who demands high performance from their system, this ⁤processor ⁢will not disappoint. Make sure‌ to check it out on [insert engaging Call to Action link] and experience the power for yourself.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After‌ analyzing customer reviews of the ​Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core Processor, we have gathered the following insights:

Review Rating
WHOA. EXTREMELY easy to install. I replaced the Celeron cpu that came​ with ‍a Dell PC back in ’05, ’06 no later than ’07 (I don’t remember⁢ exactly. Buying the ‍PC⁣ @ the time w/ the Celeron saved me a‍ TON as these⁤ were ‍JUST being released, so to buy the exact same pc w/ ⁤THIS ​processor intead of⁣ the Celeron would have‌ cost substantially more. Well, fast⁢ forward to 2014, I pulled the Celeron, cleaned the heat sink and fan⁤ good from accumulated dust that didn’t get removed during⁢ previous gen.‍ maintenance put this baby in it, removed the old, ⁢hardened thermal goop; applied the new goop, sealed it up…if it took an hour that was ‍a stretch. My old ⁤Vostro 200? It ⁢is f*cking screaming using ‍Win ‌7. The real test was​ Firefox for one,⁤ then Internet Explorer 11. Ho-lee sh*t what a difference. It’s performing better than a newer​ Dell Inspiron​ Desktop/Tower I got maybe 2 years ago w/ i5 processor; 64​ bit Win 7 w/ 8 GB RAM,⁤ I’m serious. The pc I put this ‍cpu in is running‍ 32 bit Win 7, 4 GB RAM, In-f*cking-credible. I am SO freakin’ pleased with this you wouldn’t believe it. “I” can’t believe it. In case it didn’t occur ‌to you (Hey, it happens right?)⁢ I have no complaints about my purchase. WOW. Very happy. Very, very happy. 20⁤ bucks? ‍REALLY? Whew. Wow. Yeow. Icn’t say enough good‍ things. Sluggish, too frequently misbehaving ⁤IE??? Marked improvement. Freezing up too often and making me wait impatiently, often⁣ crashing Firefox??? Even MORE markedly improved performance. Did I⁢ mention I like this and I’m in a pretty good mood about the whole deal ⁣and she-bang? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-it.

I go this because my old CPU didn’t‌ support VT-x, which I needed for kvm. I have an ACER Aspire M5640/M3640 with an MCP73PV motherboard. No issues installing the hardware but I did‍ need to update the BIOS to get support for VT-x. Fortunately ACER does have a BIOS ‌upgrade available. When you flash your BIOS, be sure‍ to check the box to clear the BIOS md5sum! If you don’t you’ll get an ⁢error during boot and the BIOS will load with the default ​values. In my case that resulted in booting off the wrong drive which didn’t have a bootloader setup in such a way that I could boot back⁢ into Windows or Linux. Somehow I had my ⁤boot loader‍ configuration setup in such a way that it would only⁣ work when booting off of‌ the drive the BIOS, by default, didn’t want to‌ boot off ⁢of. So I was reduced to looking up the grub‍ commands ​I needed on a​ laptop and carefully typing them ⁤into‍ the ​grub prompt, just so that⁢ I could boot back into Windows and run the BIOS tool again.​ Once that was taken care, everything just worked. No issues and I can run the Android emulator. A great ​upgrade⁢ for $20.

The shipment ​arrived much faster than​ promised. In my case it arrived in 3 days. Not bad for shipping​ from West⁣ to East coast. ⁣The processor appears to be new as promised. The packaging⁢ is minimalistic​ as it is expected for OEM packaging. If you want it with the ‌box you need to buy the boxed⁤ item for 3 or ⁤4 times the price.​ Installation couldn’t be easier. This was the first time I changed ⁤a processor and it is very straight forward. Motherboard and Win 7 recognized ⁢the new hardware an without any problems. Nice upgrade for ‍my old PC which is ⁣plenty fast for me again. I also bought⁤ a new fan and solid⁣ state hard drive. Instead of spending several hundred for a new machine this PC will work for me again.

The CPU arrived in a static proof bag, wrapped in bubble ‍wrap. I expected it to be in​ some sort of CPU holder or case but it doesn’t affect my overall rating. The CPU fit into the socket as it should and driver installation was very quick and worked flawlessly. I had ⁢no trouble getting this product to work.

We are still using 2 LGA775 motherboards with Pentium processors. The‍ E8400 ⁢is one of the most capable​ or the LGA775 processors. We are thrilled ​to upgrade ‍our boards with ⁤such a capable processor at such a modest price.⁣ We‍ are moving from processors with 800mhz FSB and 2MB cache to 1333 FSB and 6MB cache. That ‌improvement ought to be ​worthwhile. Individuals interested in this product probably know, but it does not hurt to ‌repeat, ​you motherboard must ‍have an LGA775 socket, and the bios has to support the E8400. You can‌ verify that at the motherboard manufactures web side under CPU support. If your⁢ bios does not support the E8400, ⁢you may be able ⁢to ⁤upgrade the bios to⁣ a⁢ version that⁤ does by flashing.

Ordered this CPU to upgrade a Core 2 Duo in a Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P LGA 775 board. It would not boot after the install. I ​tried flashing⁤ the board’s BIOS on the MB. Then ⁢reinstalled the CPU, but still no booting up. It would spin ‌up as I ​could hear and see the ​fans running, but that​ was ​it.⁣ Switched back to the original Intel Core 2 Dou and the ​PC booted perfectly. So much for my⁢ upgrade.⁣ This CPU seems ⁣to just be a non working CPU. Will try to contact seller​ to see what can be done.

Awesome product! I was skeptical at first since this was the first time I bought‍ from this seller but now I ⁣have to say⁤ wow, I’m glad I did. I got this product well packaged and in ​mint condition. Once I installed the processor on​ my pc it did not boot but it was my bad for not configuring the motherboard jumpers correctly. Processor is very snappy and I ordered 2 more. Definately a must buy to give life back to an older 775 socket. This processor replaced ‌a pentium 4 2.66 GHz and ⁣its night and day. I also ordered an MSI⁢ GT 640 to replace an old 8400gs and now with 4 gigs of RAM my pc can run Battlefield‌ 4 even though it ‍is not my main gaming pc. ⁤I cannot recommend this processor enough and ‍If you plan buying this product do ‌it from this seller.

I purchased 2 of these because​ I run 2 pc’s ⁤with these processors and thought‌ having some⁣ spares⁤ would be nice, especially​ at this low cost. When they arrived they looked⁤ like they‌ had been⁢ previously installed having⁤ a heat sink wear lines on‌ the processor. Mine had been used a lot and were about 7 years old. I thought perhaps they might have slowed down a bit over ⁣time and ​decided to​ swap them out. I benchmarked before and after,⁣ and these were identical. Either core 2 duo’s just don’t die/lose speed over time or these ⁢are just as used as mine. Either way,⁣ I gave 3 stars because the price was nice‍ and they do work.

Item was well packaged and protected. CPU works fine so far. Great value. Personally‌ I didn’t notice any difference in performance from ‌the E6750 ⁢2.66Ghz which it replaced. But then again I don’t⁢ have benchmarking S/W.

Il⁢ processore è arrivato in ottimo⁤ stato e ben protetto. Sta funzionando bene ormai da circa un mese e mi ha consentito di⁤ recuperare una MB che pensavo di dover buttare. OK!

Me ha. Gustado⁢ todo. El contacto con el cliente ha sido fluido. Me⁣ ha hecho un cambio de micro y mejor de lo que esperaba. Ha revivido mi antiguo pc. Contento con ‍la compra. Muy recomendable.

Overall, ⁣the customer reviews ‍for the Intel Core ​2 Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core Processor are mostly positive. Customers praise the⁤ ease of installation and the significant improvement in performance compared to their previous CPUs. Many customers also appreciate the affordable price and the ability to upgrade their older PCs without buying a new machine. The fast delivery and good packaging ​are also mentioned positively. However, there are a few⁣ negative reviews stating that the CPU did not work or did not meet ⁢the customer’s⁢ expectations. Overall, the processor receives an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive clock speed of 3.0 GHz for smooth and fast performance
  • Generous 6 MB L2 cache allows for‌ quick data access ​and retrieval
  • Supports a wide range‍ of advanced technologies for ⁢enhanced functionality
  • Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) and VT-d for efficient ⁤virtualization​ capabilities
  • Intel Trusted Execution Technology​ ensures secure computing environment
  • Intel 64 Architecture⁤ enables support for 64-bit applications
  • Efficient use of power with a thermal design power of only ⁤65 W
  • Idle States and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep ‌Technology help conserve energy
  • Effective thermal monitoring technologies for temperature control
  • Execute⁤ Disable Bit feature provides protection against malicious software


  • Obsolete LGA 775 socket, limiting compatibility with newer motherboards
  • Low thermal design power may result ‌in performance limitations ⁣under ⁢heavy loads
  • Limited overclocking potential due to lower clock speed compared to ⁤newer processors
  • Only dual-core, which may not be sufficient for⁢ demanding multitasking or gaming
  • Smaller L2 cache compared to some modern ‌processors may impact performance in certain tasks


Q: What is the⁢ model number and specifications ⁢of​ the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor?

A: ⁢The model number of this processor is EU80570PJ0806M, and ‍it belongs to the Intel​ Core 2 Duo Processor E8400 series. It has a clock speed of 3.0 GHz, with ‌2 cores and 6 MB of ​L2 cache. The FSB speed is 1333 MHz, and it ​uses a 45 nm lithography. The socket type is LGA ⁣775, and it has a⁣ maximum thermal design power ​of 65 W.

Q: What advanced technologies does this processor support?

A: This processor supports a range of advanced technologies, including Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x), Intel Virtualization Technology for ‍Directed I/O (VT-d), ‌Intel Trusted Execution Technology, Intel 64 ‌Architecture, Idle States, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, Thermal Monitoring Technologies, and Execute Disable Bit.

Q: What is ⁣the significance of the L2 cache size?

A: The L2 cache is​ a memory storage component that helps improve the performance of the processor. ⁤With a larger cache size of 6 MB, the Intel Core 2⁤ Duo ⁤E8400 ⁣processor ⁣can store more data closer to the cores, resulting ‍in faster ⁤access​ and processing of information.

Q: Which socket type is compatible with the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor?

A: This processor is compatible ‌with the ⁢LGA 775⁢ socket type. Before purchasing, it is⁤ important⁣ to ensure that your motherboard supports this socket type to accommodate the processor.

Q: What is the thermal design power ⁤of this processor?

A: The Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 ‍processor has ‍a thermal design power of ⁣65 W. This ‌measurement indicates the maximum amount of heat that the processor can‌ dissipate under normal operating conditions.

Q: Can⁤ this processor⁤ be overclocked?

A: While it is ⁣possible to overclock the Intel​ Core 2 Duo E8400 ⁤processor, it is important to note that doing so may void the warranty and ⁣can⁣ potentially cause damage to the processor and other components. We recommend consulting with a⁢ professional or ‍thoroughly researching the process before attempting any overclocking.

Q: Is this processor suitable for gaming or other resource-intensive tasks?

A: The Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor ‌is a capable processor for‌ everyday tasks⁢ and moderate multitasking. However, it may not ⁤be ‍the⁢ best choice⁤ for gaming or resource-intensive ⁢tasks, as it is an older model and may not deliver‍ the same level of performance as more modern‌ processors. If you require a processor for demanding tasks, we recommend considering a more recent model from Intel’s lineup.

Q: Does this processor support virtualization?

A: Yes, the Intel‍ Core 2 Duo E8400 processor supports virtualization technologies such as Intel Virtualization​ Technology (VT-x) and Intel Virtualization‌ Technology for Directed ⁢I/O (VT-d).⁤ These technologies enable ‌the processor to handle virtualization tasks more efficiently, making it suitable for virtualized environments or running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

Q: Can the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor ‌be upgraded?

A: The Intel​ Core 2 Duo E8400 processor is a fixed processor, meaning ‌it cannot be upgraded within the same series. If you are looking to upgrade your ⁣processor, you would need to choose a different model that is compatible‍ with your motherboard’s socket type.

Embody Excellence

And there you​ have ​it! ⁤The Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 ⁤3GHz Dual-Core Processor. This powerhouse has left⁣ us in‍ awe⁣ with its impressive specifications and advanced technologies. With a​ clock speed of 3.0‍ GHz ⁢and a ⁢6 MB‍ L2 cache, this processor delivers lightning-fast performance ⁢that⁢ will surely satisfy any ‌power-hungry user.

What sets this⁢ processor apart is ⁢its Intel Virtualization Technology ​(VT-x) and Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d), enabling seamless virtualization and ⁤improved input/output performance. The ​Intel Trusted Execution Technology and​ Intel 64 Architecture provide added security and support for 64-bit applications.

But it doesn’t stop ⁤there! The ⁢Intel Core 2 Duo⁣ E8400 also features Idle States and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, allowing ​for energy efficiency and reduced power consumption when you need it.‍ With Thermal Monitoring Technologies and​ Execute Disable Bit, you can also count on this processor to keep your system cool and protect it ‍from malicious attacks.

So if you’re looking for a processor that combines power, efficiency, and ⁤advanced technologies, the Intel Core ⁣2 Duo E8400 3GHz Dual-Core Processor is ​the‍ perfect choice.

Ready to unleash the power of this beast? Click here to get your hands on it now: Get it‍ on Amazon.

Make sure‍ to upgrade your system with this incredible processor and experience‍ a whole‍ new level of performance.⁣ Don’t miss out!

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