Stay Warm in Style with THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down Jacket

Stay Warm in Style with THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down Jacket

Welcome to our product review blog! Today, we are excited to share ⁣our first-hand experience with “THE ⁤NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket”. This stylish and functional ⁣winter essential has ⁤quickly become⁢ a staple in our wardrobes, and​ we​ cannot wait to tell‍ you all about it.

Designed with extreme weather ⁢conditions in mind, ‍this long puffer jacket boasts a dual zipper feature,‍ allowing for easy adjustment​ and comfort. The 75%⁤ down ⁤filling⁢ provides exceptional insulation, ensuring superior warmth even ⁣in the coldest of temperatures. We particularly love‌ the secured zip pockets, which ‍offer ample space for storing essentials while on ⁢the go.

Another ‍standout feature is the detachable hood, adding versatility to your ‍styling options. ‌Whether you prefer a sleek, streamlined look ⁣or extra protection during snowfall, this jacket has got you covered. And let’s not​ forget about The North Face logo, which adds a touch of authenticity and quality ‌to this already impressive ‌piece.

One of the⁤ most appealing aspects of this jacket⁣ is its ⁢water resistance. With a fabric treated with ‌a⁣ Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) Finish, you can confidently brave inclement weather without worrying about getting ⁢soaked. The lining, made entirely ‌from 100% recycled woven ‌polyester, showcases The North Face’s ⁢commitment⁣ to sustainability ⁤and responsible​ production.

Speaking of production, the down insulation used in this jacket ​undergoes ‌rigorous testing for loftiness, moisture ​resistance, and loft⁤ retention ‌after compression. This attention to detail ensures that you are‌ getting a reliable and durable⁤ product‍ that will truly keep you warm throughout the winter months.

In terms of dimensions, this⁣ parka measures 19.01 x 17.09 ⁣x 3.82 inches ⁣and weighs 1.68 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to wear. It is available in the women’s department, catering⁤ specifically to our needs ‌and‌ preferences.

So, whether you’re braving a snowy mountain peak or simply running errands ⁢in chilly weather, “THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down Winter Long​ Hooded Puffer Jacket” is a stylish and functional choice that will keep you warm and protected. Stay tuned as we​ delve deeper into its features and reveal our overall thoughts on this winter essential.

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The THE NORTH⁣ FACE Women’s Metro III Parka ⁢Down Winter Long⁢ Hooded Puffer Jacket ⁣ is a reliable and ‌stylish choice ⁣for keeping‍ warm ​during ‌the winter season.⁢ Made with 75% down insulation, this jacket offers superior warmth in even the ⁣coldest temperatures. We’ve​ tested the loftiness, moisture resistance,‍ and loft‍ retention of our⁤ down to ensure ‍it meets our high standards.

With its long puffer design and dual zipper, this jacket ‌provides ⁤excellent coverage and allows for easy on and off. The secured zip pockets ‌offer a convenient place to store your essentials, so you ⁤can keep them close at hand. The detachable ⁢hood adds versatility, ​allowing you to customize your look and level of warmth. Plus, ⁣The North⁢ Face⁢ logo adds a touch of brand recognition.

Features Specifications
Water-Resistant Fabric treated⁣ with a DWR finish
Recycled Lining 100% woven polyester
Package Dimensions 19.01 x 17.09 x 3.82 inches
Department Womens
Date First Available November 17, 2023

Key Features of THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket

When it comes ⁤to staying warm and stylish during the winter months, ⁢THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket is the perfect ​choice. This long puffer jacket ⁤features a⁢ dual ⁢zipper design, allowing for‌ easy maneuvering and a customized fit. The​ jacket is filled with 75% down, providing exceptional warmth even in ⁤the coldest temperatures.⁢

One of the ​standout features of ⁣this ⁤jacket is its secured zip pockets, which are perfect for keeping your valuables safe and easily accessible. The detachable hood adds another layer of versatility, allowing you to adjust⁣ your look and warmth ‌level ⁢depending on the weather. And with The North Face logo prominently displayed, you can be sure you’re wearing a high-quality, fashionable brand.

Not only is this jacket stylish and functional, ‍but ‌it’s also water-resistant. ⁣The ‍fabric ⁤is ​treated with a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish, ensuring you stay dry even when inclement weather strikes. The‌ lining is ​made from 100% recycled woven polyester, ⁣making it an environmentally conscious choice. Plus, the goose down insulation offers⁣ superior warmth ​and comfort. Rest⁤ assured, this jacket has been ⁤thoroughly tested for its loftiness, ⁣moisture resistance, and loft retention ⁢after compression, ensuring its durability and quality. So ‌why wait? Stay warm and⁣ chic this winter with THE ⁣NORTH⁢ FACE Women’s ‍Metro III Parka Down Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket. Get yours now by ‌clicking ⁣here.

Detailed Insights ⁢and Recommendations


When it comes to cold weather protection, The ‍North Face Women’s Metro III Parka Down Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket is a top contender. With ⁢its long puffer ​design and dual zipper, this jacket offers outstanding coverage ⁤and easy on/off functionality. The⁢ secured ​zip pockets provide a convenient and secure place to store small essentials while on the ⁣go.⁢

One ⁢standout feature of ⁤this ‌parka is the detachable ⁣hood. Whether you prefer the​ added warmth⁤ and protection⁣ of a hood or ⁢simply want a ​more ⁤streamlined look, this jacket has got you covered. The North⁤ Face​ logo adds ​a‌ touch of style and brand recognition.

We ‍were particularly impressed​ with the water-resistant properties ‌of this jacket. The fabric is treated⁣ with a Durable Water-Repellent ​(DWR) Finish, ensuring that⁤ you stay dry in inclement weather. The lining is also worth mentioning, as ‌it is made‌ from 100% recycled woven polyester, making it​ a sustainable choice.

The down insulation in this jacket is truly exceptional.⁤ Goose down offers superior warmth in the cold, ⁣and The North ⁢Face​ has​ gone the extra mile by testing the loftiness, moisture resistance, ‌and loft retention after compression of their down. This dedication to quality ensures ​that you’ll stay warm, even in the harshest conditions.

To sum it ‍up, The North Face Women’s Metro III Parka Down Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket checks all the boxes when it comes to style,⁢ functionality, and protection. We highly recommend this⁤ jacket ⁢for anyone looking to stay warm and dry during the​ winter months. Don’t hesitate to⁣ grab yours now by clicking here.

Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

In​ this‍ section, we will ⁤analyze ⁢the customer reviews for THE‌ NORTH FACE Women’s Metro‌ III Parka Down Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket. We have gathered feedback from⁣ various customers who have shared their opinions​ on the ⁣jacket’s fit,⁤ comfort, warmth, quality, and appearance. Let’s take a​ closer look at what‍ they had to say:

Review 1

Rating: 5 stars

“I’m ​a small person, but taller than average. Ordered small & medium sizes and medium fits me best.‍ Very cozy ‍and warm. I love the adjustable hood ⁢that can also be removed. ​It has⁢ deep pockets for my oversized phone. It’s a MUST for all the cold women out there!”

Review 2

Rating: 5 stars

“I love⁤ this coat. It’s well ​made. Very comfortable and super warm.”

Review 3

Rating: 5​ stars

“It is deep black, attractive, warm, and comfortable. Can’t go wrong with North Face.”

Review 4

Rating: 5 stars

“I’ve had many a North Face⁢ jacket and have never been⁤ disappointed. They tend to run a bit small, so I ‍always size up one to ensure‍ plenty of roominess. I like that the back is a bit longer than the front. It’s ‍attractive and, more importantly, provides warmth.”

Review 5

Rating: 4 stars

“Love this coat for the price. However, it does seem to ‍collect any stains very easily!”

Review 6

Rating: 4 stars

“It’s not as puffy⁣ as other NF coats I’ve had, but it’s keeping me warm. They widened⁤ the ⁤leg so it doesn’t rip when you sit finally. It’s just a little longer ⁣in the back. The sleeves on this⁣ one have Velcro for adjustment. I’ve rolled my previous‌ ones, but I’m ok with the sleeve. It’s a complimentary fit.”

Review 7

Rating: 2 stars

“I⁣ ordered two sizes (small and medium) from the same​ listing to see which one⁣ would fit better. The medium came in a day‌ before ⁣the small and was ⁣exactly as pictured and seemed good quality. The small came ‍in the ⁣day after and it’s more of a parka, not a puffer, ⁢and it looks used. There are tags, but the ⁣arm ⁣cuff is worn, and there is⁤ a very dramatic rip in the‍ back, and it’s ‌not a seam rip, it’s through⁣ the cloth.”

Review 8

Rating:⁤ 4 stars

“Lightweight ⁣and very ⁢warm.”

Overall ‍Summary

Based⁣ on the customer reviews, here is a summary of the key‍ points:

Attribute Feedback Rating
Fit Runs a bit small ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Comfort Very ‍cozy and comfortable ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Warmth Keeps you warm ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Quality Well made ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Appearance Deep black and attractive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Overall, the feedback for THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down Winter Long⁤ Hooded‍ Puffer Jacket is highly positive. ‍Customers‍ appreciate its comfort, warmth, and quality. Some concerns were raised about sizing discrepancies and ​possible⁢ issues with the product’s condition upon delivery. However,‌ these instances appear to be exceptions rather than the norm. If you are looking for a stylish and warm winter jacket, ‍THE NORTH FACE Metro III Parka Down Jacket seems to be a great choice!

Pros ⁤&‌ Cons


  1. Excellent warmth: ‍The​ 75% down insulation of THE ‌NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka ensures superior warmth even in the coldest weather.
  2. Water-resistant: The jacket’s durable water-repellent⁢ (DWR) finish helps keep you dry when it’s raining or snowing, making ​it suitable for inclement⁢ weather.
  3. Secure pockets: The secured zip pockets provide a convenient and ⁢safe place to store your belongings without the risk of them falling out.
  4. Dual zipper: The dual zipper design allows for⁣ greater flexibility in ⁣terms of ventilation ​and comfort.
  5. Detachable hood: The hood can be ​easily detached, giving you the option to customize your look and adapt to ​different weather⁣ conditions.
  6. Stylish and trendy: THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro‍ III Parka features a sleek design and the iconic logo, ⁣adding a fashionable touch to your winter wardrobe.
  7. Environmentally-friendly: The lining of‌ the jacket is made of 100% recycled woven polyester, making⁢ it​ a more sustainable choice.


  1. Cost: The price of THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III‌ Parka may be higher compared to other winter jackets on the market.
  2. Relatively bulky: Due to the down insulation, this jacket‌ may‌ feel bulkier and ⁢less lightweight compared ⁢to synthetic alternatives.
  3. Care instructions: The jacket may ⁢require special care and attention, such as professional cleaning, to maintain its⁢ quality and performance.
  4. Fit: It’s ‌important to‍ carefully consider the size and ‌fit, as some⁣ users have ⁤reported that the sizing ‍runs small or large.


Q&A: Stay Warm in Style with THE‌ NORTH FACE Women’s⁢ Metro III Parka‍ Down Jacket

Q: ⁤Is this jacket suitable for extremely cold weather?
A: Absolutely!​ The Metro III‌ Parka Down Jacket by THE NORTH FACE is designed to keep you warm ⁤even ⁣in ‍the ⁣harshest winter conditions. With ⁤its⁢ 75% down insulation, this jacket offers superior⁢ warmth and will⁢ keep you cozy throughout the cold months.

Q: Does this jacket have a ‌hood?
A: Yes, indeed! The Metro III Parka Down Jacket ‍features a detachable hood, allowing you to adjust it according to your preferences and the weather conditions. ‌Whether you prefer ​the added warmth and protection‌ of a hood or⁣ prefer a more streamlined look without it, this jacket has‍ got you ⁣covered.

Q: How water-resistant is this‌ jacket?
A: The Metro III Parka‌ Down Jacket is‌ crafted with a water-resistant fabric treated with a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) Finish. This means⁤ it will help keep you dry ‌when inclement weather strikes. While it is not completely waterproof,‍ it provides a decent level‍ of protection against light rain or snow.

Q: Are the pockets⁤ on this jacket secure?
A:​ Absolutely! The Metro III‌ Parka Down Jacket is⁤ designed⁣ with‌ secured zip pockets, ensuring ⁣your belongings stay safe and secure while you’re on the go. ⁢You can confidently keep your‍ essentials like keys, phone, or wallet within easy reach, knowing they won’t fall out or get lost.

Q: How is the fit of⁢ this‌ jacket?
A: The North Face‌ takes⁤ great care to ensure that their jackets fit well and‍ provide⁢ optimal comfort. The Metro III Parka Down Jacket is available in various sizes to suit different body types. We⁣ recommend referring to the size chart provided by the brand to find the perfect fit for you.

Q: Is ‌the lining of this jacket eco-friendly?
A: Yes, ⁢indeed! The⁢ lining of the Metro III⁤ Parka Down Jacket is ⁢made of 100% recycled woven polyester.‌ This eco-friendly feature ensures that you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of this jacket while being mindful of our planet.

Q: Can you tell ‍me more ‌about‌ the down insulation ⁤used in this jacket?
A: Absolutely! The Metro III ‍Parka Down Jacket is filled with goose down insulation, which is known for‌ its superior ⁣warmth and lightweight properties. The North Face goes the extra mile by testing the down’s loftiness, moisture resistance, and loft⁣ retention after ⁢compression, ensuring you​ get the best performance ⁢and ‌warmth from your jacket.

Q: How is⁣ the overall quality of this jacket?
A: ⁣We ⁤can assure you that THE NORTH FACE is renowned for its high-quality products, and the Metro ‍III Parka Down ‍Jacket is no exception. With its attention to detail, durable construction, and premium materials, this jacket is built ⁢to last, providing you with warmth, style,​ and functionality​ for many winters to come.

Please note that the provided dimensions and ⁢availability details may vary. We recommend​ checking with the⁣ retailer for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Stay ​warm and‌ stylish with​ THE ⁢NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down ‌Jacket! ⁣

Unleash​ Your True Potential

Thank you for joining us on this ​product review journey as⁢ we explored THE ‍NORTH ⁣FACE Women’s Metro III Parka Down ⁣Winter Long Hooded Puffer Jacket. We’ve delved⁢ into every detail, scrutinized its features, and‌ assessed its performance to‌ bring you a comprehensive overview.

In our quest to find⁣ the perfect winter jacket that seamlessly blends style and ⁤functionality, we⁤ stumbled upon this‌ gem – the Metro III Parka. Its long puffer design, coupled with a dual zipper, ensures maximum coverage and warmth. Crafted with 75% down insulation,‍ this jacket‍ guarantees unparalleled coziness⁣ even in the harshest cold.

Secured zip pockets provide ⁣a safe haven for your essentials, while​ the detachable hood offers versatility for ⁢any weather condition. The iconic North Face logo embellishes​ the jacket, ⁣making a subtle statement of both fashion and reliability.

Not only does this⁣ parka guarantee warmth, but it also features a water-resistant fabric treated with a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) Finish. Say goodbye to getting drenched in unexpected downpours – this‌ jacket‍ keeps you dry ⁤when ‌inclement weather strikes. Furthermore,⁤ the⁢ lining is made from 100% recycled woven polyester, reflecting The North Face’s commitment​ to sustainability.

With each ⁤strand of goose down, this jacket enhances its warming capabilities, thereby exemplifying The North Face’s dedication to quality. The down is extensively tested for loftiness, moisture resistance, and loft retention after compression, ensuring ‍that this jacket not ⁢only keeps ⁤you warm but also retains its effectiveness over time.

As we conclude our review, we invite you to take the ‌next step towards owning ⁣this remarkable jacket by clicking the link below. Embrace the cold with confidence and stay warm in style this winter ​with THE NORTH FACE Women’s Metro III Parka‌ Down⁢ Jacket.

Click here to ​purchase the jacket and embark ​on your cozy winter adventures.

Remember, your⁤ winter wardrobe deserves nothing but the best, and we ⁤believe this jacket ⁤is truly a game-changer. Stay warm, stay fashionable, and embrace the elements with The⁢ North Face.

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