Upgrade Your Organization with JIKIOU Clear Document Folders

Upgrade Your Organization with JIKIOU Clear Document Folders

Welcome to our product review blog post featuring the ‌JIKIOU 30 Pack Clear Document Folder Copy Safe Project‌ Pocket L-Type Clear Plastic‍ Folder! As avid users of office accessories ourselves, we understand the importance of ‌having reliable and functional tools⁢ to help ‌us stay ⁤organized and efficient in our daily⁣ tasks.

With the JIKIOU document folder, ​we have found a product that not only ⁣meets but exceeds⁤ our expectations. Made of high-quality material that ​is tear,⁣ wear, and moisture-resistant, this folder is built to last. Even ⁣after years⁤ of ‌use, it ⁣remains sturdy⁣ and functional, making it‌ a reliable option‌ for keeping our⁢ documents ‌safe and ⁣secure.

One of‍ the standout ‍features of this folder is its clear design, allowing⁣ us to⁢ easily see the contents without needing to label​ the⁤ outside. The open top and side design with⁣ a semi-circular opening makes ⁣it effortless to insert and retrieve paper, eliminating the need‍ to slide documents in and ⁣out.

Another advantage of the JIKIOU ​folder is ​its upgraded size, which is⁢ more‍ suitable for US ⁢A4/Letter size paper. The increased​ thickness of 22C means it is‌ more durable compared​ to standard ‍folders on ​the market. Additionally, its lightweight ​design and good workmanship make it easy to carry in ​our bags, saving space and ensuring ​our documents⁣ are well-protected wherever⁤ we go.

Overall, the JIKIOU 30 Pack Clear Document Folder has become an ⁣essential tool in our daily lives, whether at school, the‍ office, or on the go. We ⁣highly recommend it for ​anyone looking‍ for⁢ a durable, clear, and convenient way to organize ‌and protect their important documents. Stay‌ tuned for our‌ in-depth review of this fantastic ⁤product!

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The JIKIOU 30 Pack​ Clear Document ⁣Folder is a game-changer when it comes to ‌organizing your​ office accessories. Made of⁣ high-quality tear, wear, and moisture-resistant ‌material, this folder is still sturdy and​ functional even after years of use. The clear plastic design allows you to easily see the contents inside without the need for external labels, making ⁣it super convenient ​and efficient.

The upgraded‍ size of 11.8 in x 8.9‍ in (300 x 225MM) is more suitable for US A4/Letter ⁢Size documents. ⁢With ⁤a thickness⁣ of 22C ⁤(0.22 mm), this folder is 57%​ thicker than the standard options​ on the market, ensuring ⁢durability‍ and protection for‌ your important​ papers. The open top and side design with⁤ a⁣ semi-circular opening makes it effortless to access your documents without having to slide ​them ‍in ⁣and ​out. Lightweight and easy to carry, this folder is perfect ⁢for everyday use ‌in schools, offices, or on the go!

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Key Features and ‍Specifications

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The JIKIOU ‌30 Pack Clear Document Folder is a game-changer when it‌ comes to organizing your documents. Made from high-quality tear, wear, and moisture-resistant⁣ material, this folder is sturdy and functional even after years of ⁣use. The clear plastic⁢ design allows​ you to see the top page without needing a label, making⁢ it easy‌ to remember⁣ what’s inside. Plus, the open top and side ‌design⁢ with a semi-circular opening makes it effortless to insert and retrieve your papers without⁣ having⁤ to ⁤slide them in and out.

One of ⁣the standout features of this document folder ⁤is its upgraded size of 11.8 in‌ x 8.9 in, which is ⁢more suitable for⁤ US A4/Letter Size documents. ⁣With a 0.22mm⁢ thickness, 57% thicker than⁢ standard folders​ on the market, this folder is durable and built to last. Its lightweight ⁤design and good workmanship ⁣make it easy ‌to⁢ carry around in your bag, saving space⁢ and ⁤keeping​ your documents safe. Whether you’re a​ student, professional, or just looking for a reliable⁤ organization solution, this folder is⁣ a must-have for ⁢schools, offices,‍ and daily life. Experience⁤ the convenience and ‍quality for yourself by getting your hands⁣ on the JIKIOU ⁢30 Pack Clear Document Folder today! Check it out ‌on Amazon.

Detailed⁢ Insights

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When it comes to ‍organizing important documents, our team has found the JIKIOU ⁤30 Pack Clear Document Folders to be a game-changer. The high-quality material used in ​these folders makes them tear, wear, and moisture ⁤resistant, ensuring their durability for years to come. And with its clear ⁣plastic design,‌ there’s no⁢ need for external labels to remember what’s inside.

The upgraded ‌size of these folders (11.8⁣ in x 8.9 in) makes⁣ them more suitable for US ⁤A4/ Letter Size​ documents. ⁤The open top and side design with a semi-circular opening allows for easy access to your papers without the hassle of sliding them in and out. Plus,⁢ the lightweight construction and ⁤good workmanship make them easy to ‍carry in any bag, making them ideal for use‍ in ‍schools, offices, and daily life. Upgrade your document organization with these clear plastic folders today.

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When it⁢ comes to organizing important documents, ‍we always look⁤ for high-quality products that are reliable and ​durable. That’s why we highly ⁢recommend‍ the JIKIOU 30 Pack‍ Clear Document Folder. Made from tear, wear, and moisture-resistant material, this ⁣folder is not only sturdy and functional,⁢ but it is also ⁤clear ‌plastic,‍ allowing you to see the top page⁤ without needing a label on the outside. The upgraded size‌ of‌ 11.8 ‍in x 8.9 in (300 x 225MM) is ⁤more suitable ⁤for US A4/ Letter Size, making it a practical‍ choice for various uses.

The open top and side design of this folder makes ⁣it ⁤easy to access your documents without having to slide them in and out.⁤ The semi-circular opening ⁢on the side allows you to use ‍your thumb‍ to open the folder‌ effortlessly. Additionally, this folder ‌is lightweight ⁣and well-constructed, making it ⁤easy to⁢ carry in your ⁢bag without⁣ taking up too much space.⁣ Whether you’re a ​student, professional, ⁤or just looking to stay organized in daily life, the JIKIOU Clear‌ Document Folder is ⁤a must-have accessory. Don’t miss out on‍ this amazing product, click here to get yours now!

Customer ​Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the JIKIOU Clear Document Folders, it is clear that these folders are a hit among various types ⁣of users. Here is a summary of the key points:

Sturdy and Perfect Size

Many customers, like the tax accountant who uses these ⁢folders‌ extensively, appreciate the ⁢perfect size of these document folders. They find them sturdy‌ and able​ to hold⁤ multiple papers without risk of‍ falling ⁤or tearing.

Great for ⁤Organization

Customers use these clear folders for a variety of purposes, from organizing tax documents to serving ⁤as dividers for colored cardstock. They find the transparent look ​helpful‍ in quickly recognizing​ the contents and keeping things organized.

Quality and Value

Overall, customers are ​impressed ​with the​ quality ⁤of these document folders, noting that they are not flimsy and are well-made. The‍ quantity for the price is⁣ also seen as a great value, with only minor ​complaints‍ about the width⁤ of the folders⁢ in⁣ terms of fitting⁣ multiple pages.

Pricing Concerns

Some customers ‌have raised concerns about the ‍pricing of these folders,‍ noting ⁣sudden increases that deter them⁢ from‍ repurchasing. While ⁤the⁣ quality and functionality of the folders are praised,⁢ the price ⁤point may be a factor‍ for some potential buyers.

Pros ⁤& Cons

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Pros &⁤ Cons


1. ‌Tear, wear, and ​moisture⁢ resistant material
2. Clear plastic allows easy visibility of documents
3. Open top & side design for easy ⁣access
4. Lightweight‌ and easy to carry
5. ‍Upgraded size and thickness for durability


1. May not ‌be ⁤suitable for larger documents or files
2. ⁤Limited color options​ available
3. ‌May⁤ be prone to scratching⁢ or scuffing over⁢ time

Overall, the JIKIOU Clear Document Folders offer a ‍convenient and durable solution ​for organizing your documents. With its ‍upgraded size, clear plastic design, and easy⁢ access features, it is​ a practical choice for‍ both⁣ office ‍and personal use. However, be mindful of its limitations ⁤in terms of capacity and potential⁢ wear ⁣and tear.


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Q: What sets the JIKIOU Clear​ Document Folder apart from other similar ‌products on the market?

A:⁢ The JIKIOU Clear​ Document Folder stands out from ‍the competition​ due to ⁤its upgraded ‍size, high-quality⁢ materials, ‌and ‍innovative design. The ⁢30 pack of transparent folders​ is perfect for organizing ⁣your documents in a professional and efficient manner.

Q: How durable are ⁢these clear ⁣document folders?

A: The JIKIOU Clear⁣ Document ⁤Folders‍ are made from tear,​ wear, and moisture-resistant materials, ensuring that they⁢ remain sturdy and functional for years to come. The ultrasonic welding ⁢and ‌stitching make them highly⁢ durable and resistant⁣ to cracking.

Q: ⁣Can ⁢these folders⁢ accommodate ‌standard paper sizes?

A: Yes,​ the ‌upgraded size of ⁣11.8 in x 8.9 in (300 x 225MM) makes them suitable ⁢for US A4/Letter Size paper. The‍ 22C thickness⁢ of ‌the folders is 57% thicker than⁢ the standard ⁤thickness‌ on the market,⁢ providing extra protection ⁣for your documents.

Q: Are these clear document folders easy to use and⁤ carry?

A: The ⁣open ⁢top and side design ​of⁤ the folders allows for easy access to your papers without the ‍need ​to slide ​them in and out. ​They are lightweight, making them easy⁤ to carry in your bag, whether it be ⁣a ⁢business⁤ bag, school bag, or lady’s⁤ bag.

Q: How ⁣versatile are these clear ​document folders?

A: The JIKIOU Clear Document Folders are widely used in schools, offices, and daily life due to their functionality and‍ convenience.​ The clear plastic material allows you ‌to⁢ easily see the top ⁤page without the ‍need for a ⁢label, making them ideal for‌ organizing a variety of documents.

Achieve⁤ New Heights

As we wrap up our review of‍ the JIKIOU 30 Pack Clear Document Folders, ‌we can’t help but recommend ⁢this product to anyone looking to ‍upgrade their organization game. With its high quality⁤ material, clear ⁢design, easy access features, and upgraded size, this ⁢folder is sure ⁤to make your work life⁢ easier and more efficient.

Don’t wait⁣ any ⁢longer to experience the convenience and reliability of the‍ JIKIOU Clear⁢ Document Folders. Click here to get your ‌hands on them⁣ now and take ⁣your ⁣organization skills to the next level: Purchase ‌here!

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