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December 17, 2020

Your Easy Way to unsubscribe email alerts of online casino

Due to the large number of spam messages you receive every day, you can almost no longer recognize the emails from online casino that seriously interest you: your inbox is dangerously full of advertising content, which you initially requested because you thought they could offer you something interesting, but the reality turned out to be quite different, and now you would like to remedy the situation. The problem is that, partly due to lack of time, partly due to the little experience you have accumulated, you just don’t know where to start: this is why you have decided to rely on Google to get some more clarification, ending straight on this guide of mine.

If this is your case in online casino mails too, let me tell you: you ended up on the right article. In the following lines, in fact, we will take care to explain in detail how to unsubscribe from advertising email alerts of online casino using a series of very simple steps and also suitable for those who, like you, are not very familiar with the world of technology. With a bit of luck, it could all lead to clicking on a couple of links; in the worst case, however, you will have to have the patience to unsubscribe from the Internet sites that generate promotional emails: don’t worry anyway, in most cases everything is done very easily.

Disable the automatic receipt of advertising emails

As we have already mentioned in the introductory jokes of this guide, there are at least two different methods to cancel the receipt of advertising emails of online casino: deactivate the automatic reception of messages or completely unsubscribe from the website that generates them. In this chapter, therefore, we am going to explain how to unsubscribe from the newsletters in two different ways: using the automatic procedure integrated in Gmail and Outlook, or through the appropriate links included in most spam messages.

Unsubscribe link from online casino

If the procedure that we have shown you a little while ago was not successful, you can use an equally useful method to unsubscribe from advertising emails: usually, email messages of this type require the presence of a special link, located in the final part of the email itself, which allows you to cancel the sending of promotional, update or other emails from the site in question.

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How to unsubscribe email alerts coming from online casino programs

To use it, you must open an e-mail message from the newsletter from which you no longer want to receive updates, scroll the message to the bottom and identify a clickable link called, usually, Unsubscribe / Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe, Click here (to request the deletion of the address/ cancel the receipt of automatic emails or similar wording), Unsubscribe, Delete / Remove subscription, To unsubscribe click here or, alternatively, containing information relating to the status of the service .

Look carefully at the final part of the e-mail message and, if you can’t identify the link on the first try, give yourself a few more seconds to analyze it better: such links are usually well hidden and written with particularly little ones.

Once you have found the link in question, click on it and, to complete and unsubscribe from the mailing list, follow the instructions that are proposed to you.

Unsubscribe from online casino websites

The methods for unsubscribing from advertising emails that we have reported so far have not been useful for you? At this point, you might find it useful to cut your head off by completely unsubscribing from websites that keep sending you such messages. Generally, what you need to do is access the website with the credentials specified at the time of registration, enter the section relating to the Personal Profile / Account and click on the link relating to the deletion of the account , then following the procedure that is proposal.

Using it is not difficult at all: after connecting to the home page of the service , search for the Internet site from which you intend to remove yourself from the available boxes; as needed, you can refine your search using the appropriate top bar or the AZ buttons (to view the list by letter). As you can see, each website is identified by a square within the page, of a different color based on the degree of difficulty of cancellation: in this way, you can immediately understand how simple (or not) it can be to unsubscribe from the site in question.

Once you have identified the site from which to delete yourself and become aware of the degree of difficulty, click on the link Show information to view the information useful for canceling, which varies depending on the case: at best, you have to click on the name of the portal located in the colored part of the box to immediately reach the deletion request form, log in to the site of your interest and press the link / button for deleting the account. And its done.

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