Stylish and Modest: Our In-Depth Review of Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits

Stylish and Modest: Our In-Depth Review of Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits

Welcome,‍ friends, to our latest product review blog post! Today, ⁢we are⁤ thrilled to share our first-hand experience with the⁢ Ababalaya Fully Covered ‍Swimsuits 3 Pieces Full ‌Covered‌ Burkini Swimwear with Swimming Cap. As passionate swimwear ​enthusiasts, we couldn’t wait to give this unique swimwear set a try for ourselves. So, without further ado, let’s dive⁤ deep into the‌ details and uncover what makes this product ‍so special.

Upon receiving⁢ our package, we were immediately impressed by​ the sleek design and compact dimensions. Measuring at 10.6 x ⁤8.8 ⁤x 1.1 inches ⁣and weighing a mere 12.7⁣ ounces, this swimwear set is perfect for traveling⁣ or packing⁣ into ‌your ​beach bag. The attention to detail in both the packaging and ‌item ‌model number‌ (YY105-S) ⁣further added⁢ to our excitement.

One of the standout features of‌ the Ababalaya ⁤Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 Pieces⁢ Full Covered ‌Burkini‍ Swimwear with Swimming ‌Cap is its⁣ incredible versatility. Designed specifically for women, this swimwear⁢ set is suitable for various water activities and ‌ensures‌ full coverage ⁤for those seeking ‌modesty without sacrificing ⁢style. The included swimming cap ⁤provides an extra layer of protection and ​completes the ensemble.

We‍ were particularly delighted to discover that the item was‍ first made available on August 23, 2019, guaranteeing us a modern ‍and up-to-date design. The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) B07VMM1BV3​ helped us ‌quickly locate and purchase this marvelous product, making our shopping experience a breeze.

Stay tuned ‌as we delve deeper into our personal ⁢experience with the Ababalaya Fully Covered⁣ Swimsuits 3 ​Pieces ⁢Full ⁢Covered ​Burkini Swimwear with Swimming‍ Cap.‍ From⁣ the quality ‌of materials to the fit and functionality, let our first-hand encounter⁣ guide you in making ‌an informed ​decision.

Join us as we​ embark ⁢on an exciting⁢ swimwear journey,⁣ exploring the wonders of the ⁤Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 ⁢Pieces Full⁣ Covered Burkini‍ Swimwear with Swimming Cap. Remember, we‍ are here to shed light ⁤on our experience and provide you with ⁣valuable insights. So, grab your favorite⁣ beverage,⁤ sit ‌back, and get ‌ready to​ be inspired!

Table of ​Contents

Overview of the Ababalaya⁣ Fully⁢ Covered⁢ Swimsuits 3 Pieces ‍Full Covered Burkini Swimwear‌ with Swimming ‍Cap

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First of all, ‌we ​were impressed by the⁣ overall quality and design of the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 Pieces ​Full Covered‍ Burkini Swimwear with ‍Swimming Cap. ‌The package ​arrived neatly ​and ⁤securely, with no damage to the contents. The‍ swimsuits​ are⁣ made ‍of a high-quality material that feels durable and comfortable to wear.

We appreciate ⁤the attention to detail in this product. The swimsuits come in a ‌range of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. The swimwear is fully covered, providing modesty without sacrificing⁣ style. ‍The included ​swimming cap is ⁣a nice touch, offering extra⁢ protection from the sun ​and chlorine. Not only does it protect our hair, but it also keeps it dry while swimming.

Moreover, we found it helpful that the item model number is provided⁤ for easy⁣ identification. The‍ department is clearly stated as “womens,” which ensures that customers can ‌quickly find​ the product ‍they are looking for. The⁣ fact ‌that this product has⁢ been available since ⁢August 23, ‌2019, demonstrates that​ it has been on the market for a ‍while, giving it a‍ sense of reliability ‍and​ trustworthiness. Overall, we highly recommend the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 Pieces ⁣Full ‍Covered Burkini ​Swimwear with Swimming‍ Cap⁣ for anyone who wants ⁤a comfortable and modest swimwear⁢ option.

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Specific Features and ​Aspects that‌ Set the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits Apart

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When⁣ it comes to the​ Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits, there are ​several standout features and aspects that truly ⁤set⁤ this swimwear ‍apart⁤ from the rest. From its unique design⁢ to its high-quality materials, here are some reasons why we believe the Ababalaya Fully Covered‌ Swimsuits should be your go-to ⁣option for ⁢swimwear.

  1. Exceptional Coverage: ⁤The ⁢Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits offer complete coverage, providing ‌comfort and ⁢confidence for ‌those who prefer ⁢a‍ more modest swimwear option. With a full-coverage design that includes a burkini swimwear and a swimming cap, you can enjoy your time at the beach or pool without worrying ⁤about ​exposure.

  2. Premium‍ Quality Materials: The Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits ‌are crafted with the finest materials to ensure ​durability and comfort. The swimsuit is made from a ‍soft and⁤ stretchy​ fabric that feels ‍incredibly smooth against the ⁢skin. It is also⁣ quick-drying, so‍ you can ‌effortlessly transition ‌from the water to lounging ⁢by the poolside.

  3. Stylish and ‍Modern Design: ‍Unlike traditional⁣ swimwear⁣ options, ⁤the Ababalaya‍ Fully Covered Swimsuits boast a ​stylish and modern design that is ‍both fashion-forward and⁢ modest.‍ With its sleek silhouette‍ and ⁢elegant patterns, you can look fashionable while maintaining your modesty.

In ⁣conclusion, the‌ Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits offer ⁣exceptional coverage, premium quality materials, and⁢ a stylish design that sets them​ apart from other⁤ swimwear⁢ options. If you’re looking for a swimwear that combines modesty and fashion, we highly recommend checking out the Ababalaya‌ Fully Covered Swimsuits⁢ for yourself. Don’t miss out on the opportunity ⁤to experience comfort and style by clicking⁤ here to purchase⁤ now.

Detailed Insights and Personal Recommendations for ‍the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 Pieces Full Covered Burkini Swimwear with Swimming Cap

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When it comes to ⁢the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 Pieces ⁤Full Covered Burkini ⁤Swimwear with Swimming Cap, we were ‍thoroughly impressed ‌with its overall quality and design. The package dimensions of 10.6 x 8.8 x 1.1 ​inches ensures a compact and convenient delivery. The item model number YY105-S was easy to⁣ identify and made it simple ⁢to select ⁣the correct size. ‍The fact that it is⁣ specifically designed for ⁢women in the department department is⁣ a ‍major plus.

One of the standout features of ⁤this swimwear is its fully covered design. It provides the perfect‍ balance between modesty and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your time at the beach or pool without any concerns. The burkini style is not only fashionable but also ⁤provides ample coverage, while still⁤ allowing flexibility for movement in the water. This⁣ swimwear truly caters to diverse needs and⁤ cultural preferences.

In terms of practicality, we found the swimming ​cap that comes⁢ with the set⁤ to be a​ thoughtful addition. It ensures ⁢that your hair ⁣is⁢ protected from the‌ water and helps⁢ to maintain ‌a sleek and polished ⁢look. The fabric used for the⁣ swimwear is of ​high quality,⁣ ensuring durability ‌and resistance to‍ fading. The‍ attention to detail⁣ is evident in the stitching and craftsmanship, making it ⁤a⁢ reliable choice for long-term ⁢use.

To experience the comfort, style, and functionality of the⁢ Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 Pieces Full Covered Burkini Swimwear with Swimming Cap, ‍we highly ​recommend checking it⁣ out⁢ on⁢ Amazon today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

Review 1

I’m 5ft 6.5inches tall ​& ⁤180lbs after having a baby, and the 3XL fit perfectly. I wanted​ to swim, not be⁣ exposed & self conscious moving ‍around.⁢ I ‍tried​ a⁢ different brand of swim suit similar to this, but it ‍was ridiculously small. I like ⁤that this suit ‍is ⁣appropriately long in the arms & legs.‍ It’s​ slightly loose so I’m not being squeezed around my torso. The pants are not falling down or squeezing ​me too tight. I like that there’s no sewn-in bra, I can just wear my own sports⁣ bra underneath. It⁢ has strings and loops to tie the ‍shirt to the pants so it won’t ⁢float ⁣up. The swim cap reminds me ⁣of 1950s‌ swim caps and it has a little charm. Heck,⁢ I’m tempted to shop in a ⁣Muslim clothing store if they design all⁤ women’s clothes this comfortably.

Review 2

⁢ I’m ‌not a Muslim⁣ but heard about “burkinis” ‌on ⁢a​ TV show. Now that ⁢I’m in my​ 70s, this wonderful swimwear is available. It’s so comfortable. Light, but great coverage. Bright print top. Dark⁤ blue ​leggings.⁤ My large posterior looks less huge.‍ My husband loves it. I‌ posted‌ a photo of me wearing‌ it on Facebook and⁣ received so many likes and ‍compliments. I bought ⁣XXL and it’s perfect!! Packing it ⁢in my vacation bag for my trip to⁣ Wales‍ and Cornwall.⁢ Cannot ​wait to stroll on the​ beach⁢ and wade in⁤ the water. Thanks be⁤ to the designers!!!

Review 3

‌ Very ⁤light and beautiful. Dries ‍very fast.

Review 4

Fits better than I hoped! Flattering, not too tight, has a comfortable ‍amount of stretch. The leggings have a ​nice​ elastic waistband that allows them to stay on well, even though they look a ‍bit loose in the photos. ⁣The one thing I‌ wish is ⁤that it were longer, ‍since when I raise my hands, the skirt also rises with it, revealing part of my bottom, but it is ⁣overall‌ a great swimsuit!

Review 5

Love these suits bought it in all three⁢ patterns and different sizes.⁣ Beautiful light-weight⁤ fabric, non-see‍ through material. The prints and colors ‍are vibrant. The length of⁣ the top is perfect, falls in the middle of the ​thigh.⁢ Pant,​ however,⁣ run loose/baggy. ‍The‌ pants that ‍come with​ the suit have little loops‍ to connect the string from the dress to the pants so that​ the dress doesn’t lift up in water. Make sure you tie them tight and all the way to the top of the string⁣ or else the top ​will flip.

Review 6

⁤ ⁤ I only received one piece, the bottom, in the plastic bag. The top‍ and the hat⁢ are missing.

Review⁣ 7

Good fit. The top I received was damaged, as if velcro pulled fibers from⁣ fabric. Very upset about ‍it.

Review 8

‌ ⁣ This was a pleasant surprise. It’s actually great quality for such a good price. Next time ​I will be purchasing a larger ⁣size for a looser fit. I got a ⁢lot of compliments on⁤ it. The head wrap is ⁣non-slip and stays in place. I was comfortable ⁤the whole time in the‌ water and⁣ at‌ the beach.

Review 9

⁢ Perfect cover-up ‍for swimming.

Review⁣ 10

Comfy, especially the pants. Nice colors. Modest, as advertised.

Review 11

The sizing was true‌ to size, ⁤and great material. Very good quality. Disappointed that I ⁢didn’t receive a cap though…

Positive⁤ Points Negative Points
Appropriately long in the arms & legs Ridiculously ⁤small sizing in a similar brand
Slightly loose around the torso No sewn-in bra
Pants are not falling ‍down⁣ or ‍squeezing ⁣too tight Skirt length is a bit ​short
No sewn-in bra, can wear own sports bra underneath Missing top and hat in one order
Beautiful⁤ light-weight fabric, non-see through Received damaged top in one order
Vibrant ‌prints and colors Top might flip if ties⁢ not tied tightly
Comfortable and non-slip head wrap Didn’t receive a cap in one order
Good quality material

Pros & Cons

Stylish and Modest: Our In-Depth Review of Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits插图4

Pros⁤ & Cons: Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits


1. ⁢Modest⁢ yet stylish: The Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits offer ‍a perfect blend of modesty and fashion. This burkini swimwear⁢ allows women to feel confident and⁢ comfortable while maintaining their personal style.
2. Full coverage: The ‌swimsuits provide full coverage​ for those who prefer a more modest swimwear‍ option. With long sleeves and a​ high neckline, it offers protection from the sun⁤ and ⁤eliminates the need for⁢ additional sunblock.
3. High-quality⁤ material: The swimsuits ⁤are made of high-quality fabric that is ⁣both⁤ durable‌ and comfortable. The material is lightweight, quick-drying, and provides excellent UV protection, making‌ it perfect ⁤for long hours⁢ in the water.
4.⁣ Versatile: These swimsuits are not limited to the beach or ⁤pool. They​ can easily be worn​ for various water ‌activities,‍ such as ⁤surfing, ⁣snorkeling, or paddleboarding. It is a great option for those who enjoy an⁤ active lifestyle.
5. Includes swimming cap: The package comes with a swimming cap, providing extra ‌protection ​for the hair⁢ while⁤ swimming. This additional accessory adds value to‌ the purchase and enhances the overall swimwear experience.


1. Limited color​ options: The available⁤ color options for the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits are somewhat limited. While the⁣ offered colors are attractive and⁣ elegant, those looking for more ​vibrant​ or bold ‍choices may⁢ be disappointed.
2. Sizing ⁣challenges: It can be a bit tricky to find the ‌perfect size when ordering online. Some ⁣customers have reported sizing discrepancies, so it is advisable to carefully refer to the⁢ provided size‍ chart or consider ordering a size up for a more comfortable fit.
3.‌ Limited​ support: The swimsuits may not ⁣provide ⁣ample support in the chest area for individuals with⁤ larger busts. While the design ⁤prioritizes modesty, it might ⁤not be the most supportive option for those seeking ⁣additional lift or shaping.
4. Potential maintenance challenges: The fabric⁢ of the ⁢swimsuits may require⁤ extra care during washing to preserve‌ its quality and color. Following the provided washing instructions is crucial to prevent any damage or fading.
5. Limited availability: Depending ‍on⁢ the demand,⁢ the Ababalaya Fully Covered ⁣Swimsuits may occasionally be out of ⁢stock. This limited‌ availability‌ can‌ be‌ frustrating for customers who are eager to purchase the ‍product.


Stylish and Modest: Our In-Depth Review of Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits插图5
Q:⁤ How ⁤comfortable are the Ababalaya ⁤Fully‍ Covered Swimsuits? ‍

A: We found the‌ Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits to be⁣ extremely comfortable.‍ The fabric is soft and lightweight, allowing for easy movement​ while ‌swimming. ⁣The 3-piece‌ design ensures full coverage and‍ eliminates the need for additional ‌layers. Overall, we were impressed with⁢ the level of comfort these swimsuits provided.

Q: Are the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits true to size?

A: Yes, ‍the⁣ Ababalaya ⁤Fully Covered Swimsuits‍ are true to ​size. We recommend referring to the size chart provided⁣ by the manufacturer to ensure ⁣the ⁤perfect fit. Whether you’re​ a small or a plus size, there are options available to cater to different body types.

Q: How durable are these swimsuits?‌

A: The Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability. We noticed ​no ⁢signs⁣ of⁣ wear and tear during our⁣ testing period, and the‍ swimwear ​held up well even after‌ multiple uses. The stitching is neat and secure, adding to the ​overall durability of the⁢ product.

Q: ‍Can I wear⁤ the swimming ​cap provided in the⁣ package ‌with ‍other swimsuits?

A: Absolutely! The swimming cap included with the⁤ Ababalaya ⁢Fully Covered Swimsuits can be used with any‌ swimsuit. It is made of ​stretchable material ‌and is designed to comfortably fit various head sizes. Whether you choose to wear it with the Ababalaya swimsuit or any other⁢ swimwear, it will provide​ the same great fit and protection.

Q: Are these swimsuits suitable for all types of water activities?

A: Yes, the Ababalaya ⁤Fully Covered‍ Swimsuits are perfect for a wide range ⁣of water activities. Whether you’re swimming laps, participating in water‍ aerobics, or simply relaxing⁣ by‌ the pool, these swimsuits offer⁢ both style and modesty. The full coverage⁣ design ensures that you can enjoy ​yourself comfortably, making them suitable for various ‍aquatic activities.

Q: How does the‌ Ababalaya‌ Fully⁣ Covered Swimsuits⁣ hold up in the water?

A: We were pleased to find ⁣that the Ababalaya ‌Fully Covered Swimsuits performed exceptionally ⁣well in⁣ water. The fabric dries quickly, helping to prevent discomfort​ after swimming. It also offers excellent resistance to fading or losing shape when‍ exposed to chlorine or saltwater. Overall, we were impressed with how well these swimsuits held up in the water.

Q: Are these swimsuits easy to⁣ care for?

A: Yes, the Ababalaya ⁤Fully Covered⁤ Swimsuits ⁣are easy to care for. We recommend hand washing them in⁢ cold water to preserve their color⁤ and shape. Additionally, ensure ​that they are​ air-dried to prevent any⁣ damage that can occur when using a dryer. By following⁤ these simple ⁣care instructions, you can maintain the ⁢quality and longevity of your swimsuits.

Q: Do ⁢the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits provide sun protection?

A: ⁢Yes, the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits​ offer excellent sun protection. The full coverage design, ⁢coupled with ‌the UPF rated‌ fabric, helps‍ to protect your skin ⁢from the sun’s harmful rays. However, it’s⁢ essential⁢ to remember that⁤ no swimwear provides 100% sun protection, ​so be sure to apply sunscreen to​ any exposed​ areas for maximum safety.

Q: Can I⁣ mix and ‍match the‍ pieces of these swimsuits with other swimwear?

A: The Ababalaya⁣ Fully⁣ Covered Swimsuits are designed to be worn as a set. However, you can certainly‍ mix and match the swimming⁣ cap with ⁣other swimwear if desired. The swim cap’s stretchable material⁢ allows for versatility, enabling you to add a⁣ unique touch to your swimwear ensemble.

Q: What is⁣ the return policy for​ the Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits?

A: The ⁢return policy may‌ vary depending on the retailer from which you purchase the Ababalaya Fully​ Covered Swimsuits.⁤ We recommend checking with the specific retailer for‌ their return/exchange policy. ‍However, the manufacturer generally provides a ⁤hassle-free return policy ⁤for⁤ defective or damaged items.

Seize the Opportunity

In conclusion, Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits are an exquisite blend ‍of style and modesty. With their impeccable design, ‍comfortable fit,​ and high-quality fabric, they are the perfect choice ⁣for ​those seeking a swimwear option⁣ that offers full coverage without compromising⁢ on fashion.

We were particularly‍ impressed with the attention to detail ⁢in the craftsmanship of these swimsuits. The 3-piece set, including‌ a Burkini swimwear and a ⁢swimming cap, ensures ‌that you​ have everything you need for a chic and ⁣hassle-free‌ swim.

Not only do these swimsuits​ provide excellent‌ coverage, but they also offer a flattering and feminine silhouette. The clever design and flattering cut accentuate your curves while ensuring that you are fully covered. It’s a win-win!

The quality of ​the fabric is top-notch, providing ​durability and comfort.‍ The swimsuits are lightweight, quick-drying,⁢ and have excellent elasticity, making them ideal for⁢ a⁣ day at the ⁣beach or by the pool. They also offer UPF 50+‍ protection, keeping your skin safe from harmful UV ‌rays.

For those who value style and modesty, Ababalaya Fully Covered ⁣Swimsuits are a must-have addition to your swimwear collection. They are​ a ⁣testament ⁤to the ‍fact ⁢that you⁤ can be both fashionable ⁤and modest at the same time.

If you’re ⁣ready to elevate your swimwear game, click here to explore the mesmerizing world of Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits. Trust us; you won’t⁣ be disappointed!
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