RTP in online slots

October 2, 2020

RTP in Online Casino Slot games

The first thing to be clear about is that the RTP of slots is higher than that of practically any casino game. That is, if due to the RTP we do not play the slots immediately afterwards we must stop playing the other casino games. In the long run, and if we take the RTP as a reference, we will lose more money playing Roulette and Blackjack than at slots. In Golden Star Casino this is a very true thing.

Well yes, in Blackjack it is possible to perform actions that allow us to be closer to victory, that is, you can learn to play. But even so, using the perfect technique, the RTP is still lower in this card game.

In addition, what is also true that it is many thousands of euros ends up in the hands or in the pockets of the players every day.

This means that there are people who win with online slots, so it is not impossible to win money with them. And it is true that they would not be the most played game if this did not happen like this.

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High RTP in online slots

In fact, the average RTP, that is, between 94 and 97%, is a fairly high RTP, giving the user a lot of winning options. Yes, slots can be profitable as well as entertaining, although obviously you have to know when to stop.

  • Indeed, this is the first tip that we have to take into account when playing online slots.
  • If you are having a good winning streak you have to have a cool head to know that, statistically, the machine will start, sooner or later to collect the prizes it is giving.
  • That is, if we begin to notice that we lose money again, we must take this as a sign that we must stop playing now.
  • The rule that is normally accepted is that you have to stop when we have won 10 times our initial bet or investment.
  • Obviously, this will depend on how much the bet has been, but if we talk about small amounts, this rule is perfectly valid.

Be patient at the online casino

To win money at slots you have to be patient. It is true that, thanks to its random prizes, it is possible that sometime, in a short time, we will hit a grand prize, but this is not normal either.

What’s more, today’s video slots, with so many prizes, bonuses and free spins, allow you to win money in the medium term without being too lucky . In fact, the vast majority of players who have played online slots for a long period of time have ended up with profits only if they learned to stop in time.

This is the key, be patient and know how to stop on time. Slots, sooner or later, are going to give a big win, and this is the moment when the player must decide whether to go for more or keep the money won.

No Greed

Most greedy users have ended up losing money and most cold-minded users have managed to get away with profits. Therefore, for users who play regularly, it is best to make a long-term plan that allows them to exit as soon as a certain goal is met . If they are disciplined enough in this regard, they will have a lot of cattle.

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