Roulette Strategies You Can Use Today

September 19, 2019

7 Best Roulette Strategies You Can Use Today

If you are lucky to win this bet too, you will cover all the numbers in your sequence and complete the system. Your goal is to make a profit of 1 pound, after each round of roulette betting. This sequence wins, so we have to start a new sequence. Game over. As in other simple strategies that we talked about above, the Passwords strategy is based on placing external bets on the gaming table.

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The strategy is very easy to use and although it does not make you the winner of the lottery, it is very useful for managing your bankroll, which will help during luck and mitigate losses during failures. If the first bet is lost, then the same bet remains for the next game.

As a result, when you lose, then return to your normal bet, and when you win, you must continue to double your next bet. At this stage, the Passwords strategy is different from others: The Passwords strategy is based on the fact that winnings tend to happen less frequently. This system helps you to stay in profit during the win before you start to lose.

Here you can read a detailed overview and guide on how to use the Passwords strategy. Or watch the video: As the name suggests, this strategy is an easy way to guarantee a win on every round of betting. You simply bet on most, but not all, numbers of the gaming table in roulette.

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There are several obvious flaws in this strategy: Simply put, this is absolutely not a tactical, useful, reasonable, intelligent and wise winning strategy for playing online roulette. Leave it for holidaymakers in Las Vegas with few chips and too much monitor.

Flat bets are the same bets in each hand. You may have used some elements of the strategies or systems that we talked about above, or you were just lucky to win an internal bet. In any case, during flat bets, as long as you follow the 3 Rules of the Ideal Roulette Strategy for managing the betting bankroll by choosing bets, you will overcome difficult times.


As we discussed earlier, roulette winners have one thing in common they have some kind of advantage over the casino. Some players believe that they can use technology to gain this advantage; usually these are Bots for Playing Online Roulette. They use your bankroll, betting limits and game permutations to recommend the next betting strategy.

Bots try to use roulette algorithms to predict the results of wheel spinning; see below for more information on algorithms. One of the most popular Roulette Bot Pro uses 5 independent betting methods to improve the game play. Roulette bots work as follows:

  • Sleepers

Waits several times for a player-specific bet category to skip and then bet on that category. Use Martingale progression or the player’s own progression system.

  • Reverse Sleepers Reverse Sleepers

Wait several times for a player-specific bet category to be repeated, then makes bets in this Tatar match, except for the one that is repeated.By default, it uses Martingale progression, or you can program your own custom progression.

  • Super Singles Super Single

Own flat rates for individual numbers without progression.This method waits for a certain time specified by the player as a data history. Method 4Proportion Probability Share Probability: Method 5Progression Recovery Progression Recovery: This function can only be used in conjunction with the back-sleeping system.

  • The Use of the Bots

However, if bots for playing roulette guaranteed a win, then roulette ceased to exist for many years. However, you can use such programs to manage your bankroll and game strategy. You can learn more about the dynamics of the rotation of the ball and the mechanics of rotation of the wheel some of this information is interesting, but it is unlikely that the live results from the patriarch for playing online roulette.Here you can read more about the algorithms of the game and the mechanics of rotation and also learn more about the roulette algorithms. Along with roulette game systems, we have an excellent selection of research on roulette, game mechanics and probability mathematics.

  • Reading the Theories

You can read about these theories from the links below. This is a list of the 7 best books written about roulette, all available in print or e-books on Amazon. Below you will find some useful terms and definitions for roulette that can help you master the game.American roulette American roulette is a version of the game that has a Zero and a double Zero on the roulette wheel. We do not recommend this type of roulette.

Backtrack is the outer rim or circle of the roulette wheel in which the ball rotates. It is also called a ball track. Biased Numbers Twisted Numbers are numbers that are repeatedly dropped in the game due to an unbalanced roulette wheel.

  • Big Number Big Number

This is a number that appears more often than statistically possible, often associated with a spun wheel. Bottom Track the area inside the back track where the ball hits before stopping in the numbered cell. Chameleon Strategy Chameleon Strategy you notice a player with a winning streak and copy his bets to share success. Chasing Losses Chasing Lossesyou increase your rates to reduce losses.

  • Choppy Game

No player at the roulette table has a winning or losing streak. You bet on one of the numbers. The column consists of 12 rooms. Corner Bet Corner Bet placing a bet at the intersection between 4 numbers, where the player covers each number, but as a result will receive much less profit than when betting on a separate number. Dozen bet Dozen Betyou are the most reliable bookmaker in Russia to bet on any of the three dozen of 12 numbers.

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