Roulette Play

December 6, 2021


The technicality associated with playing the roulette is both intriguing and injurious if not understood and followed wholly. As age-long players would reiterate, playing the roulette is somewhat spiritual because of the enjoyable routine. 37 or 38 numbers are available on the roulette wheel and the number is dictated by either the American or European style of the game.

Knowing the lucky roulette numbers or better still, the numbers players win easily, can help develop winning techniques. But are there lucky roulette numbers in reality? Shouldn’t the 37 or 38 numbers have equal chances of appearing on any spin? This article discusses the randomness involved in roulette, the phenomenon of lucky numbers, and the bias of wheels.

The Randomness of Roulette Play

Cold and hot numbers are number systems associated with roulette. Simply, hot and cold numbers are an evaluation of how often numbers appear within a thousand spins, twenty-four hours, and other yardsticks that the casino chooses. Hot numbers have appeared more often and cold numbers haven’t. Based on hotness and coldness, players bet on cold numbers because they have not appeared as often and because it seems cold numbers have better chances of appearing next. But is this game choice right? This writing would clarify this.

From calculations on an infinite amount of play, roulette has a house edge for the casino. Meanwhile, a player can’t place their gaming preference on hot and cold numbers since hot and cold numbers merely depict appearance over a short time frame.

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Admittedly, a strand of roulette outcomes ranging past 500 observations is insufficient to produce a pattern that can influence roulette gaming. A roulette player while playing the casino with fake money once observed 600 spins. The game sort was the European style of the roulette with numbers 1 to 36 and red, green, and black spaces. In roulette with 37 numbers ran through 600 spins, each number should appear an average of 16 times.

Meanwhile, the observations of the player were far from this. The trends were not consistent even though the spin numbered up to 600. The average number of appearances is 16 times. 44% of the numbers appeared less than the average and 41% appeared more than the average. Only about 15% of the numbers had the expected average appearance. This result falls short of the mathematical calculation. The color outcomes from the roulette play were similar too. For both numbers that appeared more and less than 16 times, about 50% of the colors were red and others were black. Much that, it seemed the roulette wheel exiled color green.

The above observation depicts the utter randomness of the appearance of roulette numbers. This finding would most probably be similar to observations done on other casinos.

The Truth about Hot and Cold Numbers

Some gamblers believe that a number that has won often within a short time frame (hot number) would do the same in a subsequent spin. Others opine that cold numbers should be played against appearing hot numbers. The reality is that for a number to appear twice in a row there is a 1 in 1,444 probability. It is extremely difficult to repeatedly hit a third win with the same number. The probability of a number winning is independent of whether it has appeared back-to-back or not. Every time the roulette wheel spins, the algorithm processes afresh and gives each number the same chance of appearing. In short, the game has no memory and is independent of past results. BusinessInsider compiled a list of things to note before blowing off money at the roulette.

Playing Roulette on Biased Wheels

The lack of memory of roulette games does not mean players do not have a way around increasing winning chances. Playing roulette on biased wheels gives a prediction advantage. Players try to discover the pattern of the biased wheel before playing accordingly. Patterns emerge in roulette wheels because wheels wear from continuous use and form patterns frequently.

For instance, the bet365 games, determining roulette numbers with the aid of patterns is dangerous. This is because new-age casino machines are built with durability that surpasses past decades. Furthermore, casinos know the “gaming-gimmicks” of players and are committed to testing and changing equipment parts.

Eventually, even if a roulette wheel is worn, biased, and the casino is not diligent with changing the worn part, a different difficulty exists. This is the tediousness encountered in collecting data from the roulette spin, making effective analysis, and churning out a suitable betting scheme. For a credible strategy to be formed, more than a thousand spin outcomes may be required. This takes time, and perhaps, the biased wheel is already replaced when a scheme arrives.


The finest strategies for playing the roulette are staking small/moderate amounts and avoiding the wrong bets. Like most games at the casinos, roulette outcomes are based on luck, and you’ll hardly find a means to win always. You may exploit a biased will but the exploitation won’t be perpetual. Simply enjoy the game.