dragon quest 11 casino prizes

May 8, 2020

Essential Ideas for the Dragon Quest 11 Casino Prizes

When you have reached the end of Dragon Quest XI, you will have to collect many materials such as carminite, kaleidolin and black tear in order to be able to craft the best weapons and armor in the game. This tip will explain how to recover them very quickly.

First, go to the Zwaardsrust region, where the inn “Le Repos du guerrier” is located. Then, sink into the fields and face one of the many evil bastonniers.

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You will not be able to miss these creatures longer than three meters. Place Erik in your team and use his “Mowing” ability to recover a soul from the snake. Unlock the additional skill “Easy Mowing” and equip him with thief’s gloves to steal these items systematically. If you can find the best winning steps, then you can have the dragon quest 11 casino prizes there.

Video showing how to get these materials:

Teleport to Sniflheim and go to the throne room, located in the castle, chat with Krystalinda who will agree to exchange each soul of the snake you own for one of the following objects: carminite, kaleidolin and black tear.

Quickly Earn Gold Coins

The further you go in Dragon Quest XI, the more you will realize how important the gold coins are. They will allow you to buy new equipment, play at the Casino, get tonic potions, etc. This tip will explain how to get several million gold coins per hour. First of all, unlock Erik’s skill “Mowing”. To steal objects more easily, unlock Erik’s skill “Easy Mowing” and give him the accessory: Thief’s Gloves.

Yotto Valley Map

Follow the directions on the map above to find and face the houlassassins without wasting time. From the exit of Yotto, go south to face a first houlassassin. Walk east of the area to find a second one. Then climb the slope south of Yotto to face a third. Descend from the platform going north to find yourself again in front of the entrance to Yotto and repeat this route.

During the fight against the drunken, use the skill “Mowing” of Erik in order to steal the object “Qommaléfice”, an object sold for 30,000 gold coins.

Farm the gold coins in Dragon Quest XI

After filling your bags with these shields, go to a merchant and ask him to buy you all your qommaleéfices. To give you an idea, if you steal a shield every 30 seconds, you will get 3,600,000 gold coins per hour.

Farm Mini Medals In Dragon Quest Xi

To validate the four pages of the medal album obtained in the Academy of Our Master of Medals, you will have to collect 110 mini-medals. This tip will explain how to get as many mini medals as you want in Dragon Quest XI. After defeating Mortégor and seeing the end credits scroll, resume your save to access the post-game of the game.

Continue your main quest of Dragon Quest XI until you reach the Island of Trials. The Discipleship test will first take you to the dungeon: Cruel Crypt. It is in this area that you will find the ghosts.

Discipleship Trial Card – Cruel Crypt

When confronting a ghost, use Erik’s “Mowing” ability. In this way, you will be able to steal a mini-medal from this enemy. You will find above the course allowing you to win mini-medals very quickly.

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