Different Slot Games and the Gaming Strategy present

August 11, 2019

Different Slot Games and Slot Strategy Gaming

By far the most popular online game is slots, they are very popular and live in casinos and their popularity online is not falling. Let’s look at the most popular slot games online as well as the Slot strategy used there.

Slot games (sometimes just slot machines), more commonly referred to as the English word “Slots”, have become a popular choice for online casinos. However, the power of those games is such that it is not really easy for newcomers or less frequent players to choose. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular “slots“.

Online Slot

Starburst -Best Slot Strategy Gaming

One of the most popular games at many casinos is Starburst. Space-themed 5 drum game with 10 paylines with a slogan – less is more. This slogan is also well supported by the fact that, unlike many other slot machines, Starburst wins not only from left to right but also from right to left.

There is no bonus game in the game, but you can win up to 500 more than the total bet, and there is the opportunity to get additional free spins that increase your chances of winning even more.

The game, which came out in 2013, is considered one of the most successful tracks by Net Entertainment and has attracted many players since its inception.


Well known for its fantastic cast of fantastic elements, Jumanji also inspired the creation of a gaming game. The creators of this game have partnered with Sony to create Net Entertainment, so naturally the result is really great. The game is also popular because the smallest bet available here is only ten cents (some casinos may have additional restrictions). The unexpected appearance of the Wild characters, accompanied by the creepy running of the animals, can represent very big successes.

A pot of gold is possible (if the maximum number of rows is selected) – up to 1000 times the total bet amount. There are additional free spins available in the game, no bonus game. The game itself is visually appealing, but for the first time you start playing it can be confusing to understand the layout of the lines, as it is a bit unconventional.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah, a fairly old casino-based game that has been in the casino for over 10 years, has turned many players into millionaires. The game regularly wins a gold pot of over a million euros! Interestingly, Microgaming, the developers of the game, decided to attract both those who like to play big money and those who bet just a penny or ten when creating this game. The game spins 5 reels that are used in 25 payout lines. You can expect to get free extra spins, which even increase the winning amount by 3 times, plus a bonus game, the Gold Pot Wheel.

Mega Moolah is definitely a noteworthy game, perfect for casino fans as well as novice gamers who want to get acquainted with slot machines online.

Millionaire Genie

Millionaire Genie has long been a popular game in the casino. Arabic motifs, gold and, of course, winnings – this is the game of Millionaire Gin, played by thousands of players every day. The game has a pot of gold that is won at random so every player has a chance. Plus, the game has bonus games, free spins – all of which increase your winnings quite dramatically.

Irish Riches

The Irish Rich Game receives an increased number of visitors each St. Patrick’s Day, however, is still quite popular for its playful but not overloaded design and, of course, breakthroughs. With 15 paylines in the game, you can also get free spins for free, and wild symbols for even bigger wins. By the way, during free spins there are sticky wild symbols that stay in place and allow you to increase your winnings by a fairly substantial amount. Three bonus symbols and you play a Bonus game that guarantees a strong plus by multiplying your bet amount more than once. The pot of gold in this Irish motif game is constantly growing and can exceed half a million euros!

Fortune Wheel – Great Slot Strategy game

Wheel of Fortune game Fortune is often associated with casinos and slot machines, so it is no wonder that the popular games list includes a game named after this Roman goddess. The game is especially popular in the US because it is based on the motifs of a TV game there, uses the same style, sounds. The game has an extra bonus game, free extra spins just like most other games, but the chance to win a huge amount of money and a familiar style of play attract many players like a magnet.

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