Cosmo Casino

February 19, 2019

Cosmo Casino Review Updated

Cosmo Casino is an interesting looking online casino. Interesting should not be mistaken for good however. First though, let’s deal with what’s good or at least passable about this site. Visually, Play Cosmo Casino looks reasonable. That is to say its red and black graded background is inoffensive and its featured slider with an image of a slowly rotating glitter ball is nice to behold. That is where the good things end.

What’s wrong with Play Cosmo? Well for one thing the site takes forever to load. When you’re playing at an online casino, especially when you’re trying to play on mobile, it is imperative that pages load quickly. This is especially true of the homepage given that this is where many potential customers gain their first impression of the site and quickly decide whether or not they wish to sign up. Based on loading times alone, Play Cosmo Casino is not worth the wait.


There is a reason why Cosmo Casino is so slow to load and that reason is the sheer number and size of thumbnail images on the homepage promoting various slots and other games that can be played. While it’s nice to see such an extensive range of games, displaying them all in this manner is a recipe for disaster or for disgruntled visitors at least.

Play Cosmo is operated by Cash Bet Aldermen Limited who are licensed and regulated by the Aldermen Gambling Control Commission. It is hard to learn much more about the creators of the site or their vision because there is no about page for this site. In fact there are precious few pages at all. A homepage and a Promotions page are all you get. If you would like to learn more about banking for example you would first need to create an account and sign up. The paradox is that without knowing about banking and other matters, you are unlikely to want to potentially waste your time in signing up. As for customer service, that’s anyone’s guess; once again, this information is not readily available.

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Casino Bonuses

When you sign up at Cosmo Casino, there is a first deposit bonus of 110% to be claimed. How much is this deposit worth? The site doesn’t say. In fact it doesn’t say anything about anything. Visit the Play Cosmo Promotions page and all you’ll find is an image of some palm trees and a casino resort. It’s a nice picture, but it’s not very helpful whatsoever when it comes to determining the sort of promotions that are available. Try searching for a Banking page or a VIP page or indeed any other page for that matter and it’s the same story.

Spin Some Slots

There is one area and one area only where there is a wealth of information about Play Cosmo Casino. Head to the games lobby and you will find row after row of slots and other games vying for attention. This is why is the site is so slow, remember, because there are so many games crammed onto one page. Despite all of Play Cosmo’s flaws, of which there are many, the selection of games, slots particularly, is great in fairness.

Branded games feature sporadically, including Hellboy, while there are many more – well over 100 – covering such themes as romance, fruit, fairy tales, royalty, Romans, wealth, the Orient and the animal kingdom. Where do you even start? Try So Much Sushi, Skull Duggery, Secret Admirer and Lucky Koi for starters before moving on to Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot, Avalon and The Twisted Circus. Many of these slots will almost certainly be new to you and all of them can be played for free or for real money.

Featured Games

Aside from slots, there are some other games that can be played at Play Cosmo Casino – or at least there is one other game. A featured games section at the top of the homepage is populated with slots and a solitary table game – Multi-Hand Blackjack. As casino games go it’s pretty good, but why’s it left languishing all on its own? Why doesn’t it have roulette or poker to back it up? It is possible (and indeed highly likely) that there are other table games available, the exact nature of which will be revealed only once you’ve logged in.

Still, it seems strange not to include a greater selection, especially on a homepage that’s brimming over with games, so much so that the whole site slows to a crawl. It’s a mystery amidst a site that’s full of mysteries, few of which are interesting enough to warrant further investigation.

Cosmo Casino Conclusion

By any right, Play Cosmo is a site that deserves to be pilloried on multiple counts and yet, for all the things that are glaringly wrong with it, it does have one thing in its favor – games. That’s not just a small thing either as (spoiler alert) games are kind of a big deal when you’re playing at an online casino, and god knows Play Cosmo has got enough of them. Whether the site’s multitude of games is enough to overlook its multitude of sins is highly debatable.

A quick recap then on what’s wrong with this site: snail’s pace loading times, no About page, no information on bonus amounts or wagering requirements, no Banking page, no VIP or loyalty scheme, no ability to filter games by type, theme or provider, no information about mobile compatibility on the website itself…the list goes on and on. There are the makings of a good site here, but as it stands, Play Cosmo Casino is nowhere near the standard required of it. Unless you have the patience of a saint, find somewhere else to play.

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