Card Counting Blackjack

September 20, 2019

Is Card Counting Really Possible In 21st Century Casinos and blackjack?

If you visit a online casino not only for the thrill with a sense of excitement, but also want to become a successful player – approach the game not as entertainment, but as a real job such as card counting in blackjack tables. Different gambling gives a different advantage to the casino, and only in blackjack can it shine to zero. From time to time, news flashes that the next “wise guy” managed to furnish a gambling establishment and hit a big jackpot while playing blackjack. In this article we will try to prove that such an outcome is not an accident at all, but strict pragmatism and mastery.

The beginning of the career of the “counter”

First you do not need to delve into all the nuances, just learn the basics. Not even the most profitable strategy will work if you do not thoroughly own all the game rules. Before you start counting cards, you need to spend more than one hour playing the game. There is one good saying about this: “If you put the ruble, you take two.” You need to invest in any business and the game is no exception. So do not be afraid of losing in the early stages, because then they are fully compensated.

You will only be able to earn a stable game when you master the skill of counting cards. If you achieve this, you will have an advantage of 1% over the institution. Perhaps you expected more, because it is only $ 10 winnings for each bet of $ 1000? In fact, even with such an insignificant advantage, you can get rich if you do everything wisely.

Learning to counting cards in blackjack

When counting, all cards are divided into 3 categories: from 2 to 6 they give +1, 7-10 are zeros, any pictures, including aces are -1. The sum of two cards will give us a current account. This simple arithmetic is your key to success. The calculation mechanism is extremely simple: thanks to the older cards, you have more chances to catch blackjack and get a 3: 2 payout, while pictures for the dealer are a road to busting.

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The player gains an advantage over the dealer in the event that high-value cards prevail in the deck. The reason is simple – the dealer, according to the rules of most gambling houses, is forbidden to stop if he plays with less than 16 points. It turns out that if he has 14 or 15 points, there are great chances that after the next card he will lose due to busting. The greater the positive score, the more chances to win. As soon as you are “counted” to +2 or +3, immediately start playing more aggressively raise your bets and often use doubling. If the account goes with a minus sign, then it is better to return to the basic strategy, or not play at all (if this is permissible).

Some helpful card counting blackjack tips

As we already said, you need to learn how to count cards in conditions close to extreme. It is one thing when you sit at home and calmly recount the deck (by the way, this should take no more than 25 seconds), the other is when your skills need to be transferred to the plane of the casino. In gambling houses, you will be influenced by many distractions, so during the preparation, add a bit of eshno: turn on your most unloved song at full volume, and then start watching a live football match of your favorite team. Remember that when playing in the institution you need to be easy and relaxed, not to give out yourself with excessive concentration. Learn to support the conversation at any time and at the same time not to forget about the main goal for which you sat at the card table.

It is also worth creating an appropriate image, trying to dissolve in the gray mass and not stand out. For example, “becoming” a tourist is a working win-win option. Do not give yourself away by a sharp increase in rates, do it smoothly. Many dealers are trained to shuffle the deck immediately after they see an abnormally high bid. Try to learn other techniques as well (the most famous one is “hi-low”, we already talked about it).

Card Counting Blackjack Output

The action of the “counters” is not prosecuted by the law, because they are not considered fraudsters. Some casinos tried to sue such guys, but they all received a verdict of not guilty. If you are discovered, the only thing that can happen is getting into the black list of the gambling house, here the general laws are powerless and you have to play by the rules of the owners.

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