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May 31, 2020

Big Fish Casino Works As Per Your Deals

Every online big fish Casino has the game of roulette in its catalog: it is one of the classics that simply cannot be missed on a platform if it wants to be successful with all players in Chile. The good thing is that it has the same rules. You can simply opt for the big fish Casino free chips there.

Roulette Parts

One of the favorite games of the players, since it does not require a special condition, is roulette, as we already said, and this is because it is a very easy title to understand in every way.

Starting because it has only three parts:

• The wheel or roulette.
• The board.
• The ball.

That’s right, nothing more than that; This is why it is possible to even get some homemade roulette kits for you to play at home if you don’t have access to a casino, something that is less and less likely.

Obviously, it is not enough to know the parts of the game, you also have to know what it is about, what is its objective and, in general, the different steps to follow when you want to play in the casinos that we recommend.

Roulette game in Big Fish Casino

When playing within the different roulette games you have only one objective: to guess the square where the ball thrown by the dealer will fall. Plus nothing, it’s that simple and easy to understand.

To play you must:

• Decide the, or the, bet you want to make.
• Place the tiles inside the board.
• Spin the ball until it stops.
• See where it falls and see if the result is positive.

There are different types of roulette in casinos, and we will get to this point, however, the process to enjoy a game is exactly the same in all of them, so you don’t have to worry. We’re not done with the rules yet! The part where you are in control comes: the bets.

To Know How To Win At Roulette You Need To Know The Types Of Bets

In big fish Casino games of chance, the only way the player can “interfere” is through each bet. In roulette it is very attractive, since it consists of two very different classes: internal and external.

Big Fish Casino Outside bet

We started with external bets for a very simple reason: they are the easiest to guess, so it should be the first class an inexperienced player performs to get to know the game well.

They are called external because they are placed on the outside of the board, away from the numbers in the game. In this you will see that there are different squares where you can place your chips to bet on the game.

An external bet can be:

• The color of the number.
• If the number is odd or even.
• If the number is before or after 16 (halves).
• What dozen is the number.
• In which column will the number be.

As you will see, some of these options represent almost 50% of the board (0 is green), so, logically, the profits you get by matching a bet of these are much smaller.

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