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September 8, 2019

Finer Choices with the Perfect Betting Tips

You decided to get into sports betting? You are quite right. We often talk about it on this blog and we really think it’s a good way to earn sustainable money.

Obviously, it’s like everything. If you want to win a lot, you have to know how to do it, avoid the mistakes of beginners and prepare the ground for future winnings. You should go for the Betting tips here.

Betting Tips – Bet only what you can afford to lose

If you’re going to start, you probably say “well, I’ll deposit 1000 euros on this site and start betting”. But it’s more complicated than that. There are plenty of sites with different ratings so it is recommended that you sign up for many of these sites. In addition, each site offers a signup bonus to encourage you to join. Your first deposit must take this into account. The use of the betting apps is there too.

But above all, even more important: Your starting capital. You have to decide how much will be your capital. Because it is this sum that will determine the amount of your bets.
In general, it is recommended to bet only 1% of the bankroll (capital). 1% it seems little, but it allows to cash losses.
And you will have losses, believe me. Sometimes there are weeks of continuous losses. So if you put 10% of your capital each time, it will melt like snow in the sun and it will quickly be the end of your career as a professional forecaster.
So, the first of my sports betting tips, and most importantly, is the following: create a bankroll that you can eventually lose.
• And control your bankroll by only betting small amounts (1% or at least 2%).
• Most cyclists know this: you have to take the risk of losing a little bit to maybe win at the end.
• Accept that you will lose bets. There are many bets.
Losing bets is part of the bettor’s life. It’s normal. Some will lose more bets than others, it depends on the bets you make.
But you must be ready to lose. It is quite simply because this will now be part of your daily life.
No professional bettor wins in the long run with 80 or 90% of successful bets. The pros turn rather between 40 and 60%, which is not bad.

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The Choices in Betting Tips

Because unfortunately (or luckily), you cannot predict the outcome of a match. It’s impossible unless you paid the sportsmen themselves. So many parameters come into account and will influence the outcome of the game. There are parameters that you do not control. Luck, too, sometimes.

So much so that sometimes, despite all the sports book betting online tips that you have read, you will chain losing bets a lot, maybe too much for you.

But that’s where you can go from amateur status to professional status. The amateur bettor will stop, while the professional bettor will understand that this is the result of the variance, and that if his betting system is good, then he will go back up.

This has a nice name by the way, variance. There are times when you will have more luck, and others where you will have less luck. And it does not depend only on you.

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