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November 3, 2020

Experience the Best in Online Slots Casino

Something basic when it comes to devising a strategy to win money in the long term in the Online slots is to choose well what type of online slot machines we are going to play. Yes, there are many different titles and also many types.

However, all slot machines can be clearly distinguished by two things. By its variance, that is, by the amount of risk that must be assumed to win a big prize, and by its RTP. These two aspects are key when choosing which slot to play. At the Eu slot casino you will get the best of all.

Online slots with great variance

These high variance slots can make us lose all the money in a short time or win a lot of money, also in a short time. These types of slot machines tend to have very high prizes that can come out as soon as you start playing and also very low prizes, which are the most common.

This means that we are continually playing on a tight rope. Suddenly we can get a very high prize, or have a good time with small prizes that all they do is keep spending our budget. Immortal Romance by Microgaming is the perfect example of this type of online slots.

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Not surprisingly, these slots have been named as ‘high risk, high reward’. Obviously, whatever type of player you are, or when you find yourself, you can choose a high variance slot or a more stable slot.

Online slots with a high RTP

The RTP of any slot machine is very easy to find. It is always available to all players in all casinos. Obviously, not everything in a slot is the RTP, but it is an element to consider, especially when playing long term.

With these RTPs it is obvious that the slot machines are going to return several prizes to the players quite often. If we also take a positive streak and manage to stop at the exact moment, these two slots can give us a lot of joys.

Is it better to change online slots?

What do we do when it’s not our day at a slot machine? Shall we switch to another before our budget runs out? Are we still in it because we think it’s already hot? These questions are often asked by many users.

But the spins are the same as the streaks of a football team . The matches are different from each other, so, whether the previous match was won or lost, it can be won or lost. Simplifying a lot obviously.

And if we have one thing clear, that a team cannot always win, as a machine cannot be without giving prizes forever, we are also clear that with each game that a team maintains its winning streak, the less time it will take for the game to arrive. in which you tie or lose .

Exceptions in some online slots

Well, in online slots it is the same. And in both cases, the result will not depend on the match or the previous turn. For this reason, it makes no difference whether we change or not, since each spin is random, but it can be very angry to walk away from a slot machine and then find out that it just hit the jackpot as soon as we leave.

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