Apocalyptic Thrills Await: Inside the 2012 Standard Edition [DVD]

Apocalyptic Thrills Await: Inside the 2012 Standard Edition [DVD]

Welcome‌ to our review ‍of the 2012 スタンダード版 [DVD]. In this post, we’ll be sharing our first-hand experience with this intriguing product. Imagine a⁤ world where​ the End ‌of the‍ World is imminent,‌ faced by billions of people. That’s the premise of this captivating movie. The‍ story takes place in 2009, where a group of scientists​ discover ‍that the world is on ‍the brink of destruction. By ⁤2012, a⁣ daring project‍ to save humanity is launched by the brains of‌ the world,​ but it becomes clear that not everyone can be rescued. Enter our protagonist, Jackson Curtis, an unsold author who stumbles upon a government secret. With ​two children in tow,‌ Jackson⁢ embarks on a journey to protect his family amidst terrifying celestial disasters. The‌ DVD⁣ comes with⁤ bonus features, including voice explanations‌ by the⁤ director and co-operator of‍ the⁢ film, providing insight ‍into the ⁢making of this gripping tale. Please note that‍ product specifications and bonuses may be subject to change. So grab‍ your popcorn,​ sit⁣ back, ‍and join ⁣us as⁤ we delve into this thrilling and ⁤thought-provoking adventure.

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Prepare to be captivated by the gripping and heart-pounding​ disaster ⁣film of the year! ⁤”2012″ ‍takes you on an ‍exhilarating journey ⁤through⁤ the ⁣end of the world and the fight​ for survival. With a compelling⁣ storyline, stunning ⁢visuals, and ‌incredible performances, this DVD is a⁤ must-have for any movie enthusiast.

Set in‌ a world facing its inevitable demise, “2012” tells⁢ the story of Jackson Curtis, a man​ determined to protect his loved ones‍ amidst ‍catastrophic events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,⁣ and ‌tsunamis. As he uncovers the truth behind the impending​ doom, audiences are taken on a thrilling ride filled​ with suspense and breathtaking ⁣action.

Highlighting Unique Features


Our 2012 スタンダード版 [DVD] offers a thrilling and suspenseful storyline‍ that captivates audiences from start to finish. The film takes place ⁣in ⁣a‍ post-apocalyptic world where the ‌end of the world ​is imminent. ⁣With a team of top scientists predicting the timeline of death, the film follows⁤ the protagonist,⁤ Jackson Curtis, as he⁣ embarks on a mission to protect his family from devastating celestial disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ⁤and tsunamis.

One of the‍ unique⁤ aspects ‌of this DVD is‌ the bonus content it includes.⁢ Not ⁣only do you get to enjoy the⁢ captivating film,‍ but you also have ​the opportunity to gain insights from ⁢the director and scriptwriter. The ⁢DVD includes a ‌voice explanation by Roland Emergich,​ the director, and Harard Croser, the co-operator.‍ This ‌bonus content provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into‌ the making of ⁣the​ film, allowing viewers to ‍gain a deeper understanding of⁣ the creative process.

Ready to experience the suspense and excitement of 2012 スタンダード版 [DVD]? Click here to get your ‌copy now and join Jackson Curtis on his​ mission ‌to protect his loved ones ⁣in the face of ⁣impending doom.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

In our , ⁤we want to highlight the intriguing storyline of “2012 ⁢スタンダード版 [DVD].” The movie takes place in a world⁤ on the brink of destruction, ⁣where six billion people are faced⁢ with the imminent end. A‌ team of top scientists⁣ discovers this ‌catastrophic truth in 2009 and initiates a‍ project to rescue as many humanity as possible. However, saving everyone proves impossible, leading⁤ to a ⁤gripping narrative that follows‍ the journey of Jackson ⁤Curtis.

As the unsung⁢ hero, ​Jackson is a ⁣relatable ‍character who finds himself thrust into⁤ a heavily secure ⁣area while⁣ traveling ‌with his‍ two children to⁤ Yellowstone National Park.⁤ There, he ⁤becomes privy to the government’s dire⁢ secret of impending doom. With the‌ safety‌ of his family ‍at stake, Jackson embarks on ⁣a quest to navigate the chaos‌ and⁣ protect their lives amidst catastrophic celestial disasters such as earthquakes,‌ volcanic eruptions, ⁢and tsunamis. ⁤The movie keeps viewers on the⁢ edge of their seats as they witness Jackson’s determination⁢ and resourcefulness in the⁢ face of‍ seemingly insurmountable challenges.

To enhance the viewing experience, “2012 スタンダード版 [DVD]” offers‌ bonus features that add depth‍ to the ⁢story. Voice ‍explanations by Roland Emergich, the director, and⁢ Harard Croser, who provided cooperation, provide valuable insights into the making of ‍the film.‍ Additionally, viewers are ⁢informed ‍that jacket photos, product specifications, and video bonuses are subject to change without prior notice,⁣ ensuring that customers stay updated on any modifications. The DVD​ format allows for easy accessibility and a seamless viewing⁤ experience.

If ‌you’re⁣ ready ⁣to embark on a thrilling⁢ adventure that‌ explores the resilience of the human ⁤spirit ‌in⁤ the face of a ⁣global​ catastrophe, we ⁢highly recommend experiencing “2012 スタンダード版 [DVD].” Take the leap ‌and join us on this heart-pounding journey filled with suspense, ⁣action,​ and unforgettable ‌moments. ⁤Purchase your own copy on Amazon and prepare to be captivated.

Customer Reviews Analysis

We have ⁣compiled a selection of customer reviews for the 2012 ‌Standard Edition [DVD], a thrilling disaster movie‌ directed by Roland Emmerich. Let’s take⁣ a look at what people⁣ had to ⁢say ‍about this exciting film.

“I ‌don’t know what movie ‍the rest of these brain-fried people saw. This was⁢ one of the most excellent, thrilling, action-packed ⁢disaster ‍movies ‍I’ve ever seen. There’s not a boring‌ moment in the entire movie ‍and has⁤ you on the edge⁢ of ⁢your ⁤seat every ⁣moment.” – Customer 1

“It was a pleasure to ​finally see a ‍disaster movie which is ‍truly packed with disasters destroying‌ the entire planet and every identifiable landmark instead of wasting time with ridiculous side stories…I watched it for the disaster⁤ storyline, not their personal stories.” ⁤- Customer 2

“It was obvious the person in charge of the plane flight‌ scenes had no knowledge of aerodynamics or piloting. However, ‍it did not make it ⁣any less exciting…Same with the​ unbelievable driving escape scenes ‌where no vehicle could survive the bizarre⁢ destruction sequences. Yet, no less exciting even⁢ though we knew it was over the ⁤top.” -⁤ Customer 3

“The scientific concept of this disaster​ is ‌fresh and original. The​ director does a great‌ job of destroying every famous landmark⁤ and anticipated trouble spot across the planet…You can’t ask for more than this⁣ movie has to⁣ offer in disasters. ⁣A refreshing change from all those ‍movies where they usually save civilization ⁣in the nick‍ of time.” – Customer‌ 4

“This is by far the best disaster movie ever made with the most fantastic⁤ effects you could ever hope for.⁤ It‍ is​ truly like riding⁢ the‌ world’s scariest roller ‌coaster for almost 3 ⁤hours…Not a boring moment.⁢ The⁢ tension ​is tight from‍ start ​to⁢ finish and will twist you into knots without ⁢a chance to catch your breath.” – Customer ‌5

Based⁢ on these ⁣reviews, it is clear that the 2012 Standard Edition [DVD] is a ‍riveting disaster movie that successfully delivers on ​its promise of thrilling action and‍ global destruction. Customers ⁣praised‌ the lack‌ of unnecessary side ‍stories, appreciating the ‌focus on the disaster storyline. While some‌ reviewers pointed out inaccuracies in certain scenes, such as the unrealistic flight and driving sequences, they still found ​the movie exciting ⁤and suspenseful. The original scientific concept of the disaster and the director’s ability to ⁢showcase the destruction of famous⁤ landmarks were also highly acclaimed.

In conclusion,⁣ if you enjoy‍ action-packed disaster movies⁢ with impressive special effects and‌ a fresh approach ⁣to global⁤ destruction, the 2012 Standard ⁤Edition [DVD] is a must-watch. Strap​ yourself in for a‍ thrilling roller coaster ride that will keep you on the edge ⁤of your seat from ⁢start to finish.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The‌ thrilling ⁣storyline keeps you on the edge ‍of your seat Product specifications may change without notice
Impressive visual and audio effects Only available in‌ DVD format
Engaging ‌bonus features including voice explanations by the director‌ and co-writer No subtitles available in ‌languages other than English⁤ and Japanese
Captivating performances by the cast No‌ additional bonus content
Explores the theme of survival in the ‍face of apocalyptic ‌events Not discontinued by‌ the manufacturer



Q: Can you provide‌ more information ⁣about the ​plot of the movie?
A: Certainly! The⁢ movie is set in the ​year ​2012 when a group of scientists discovers that ⁢the‌ world is facing imminent destruction. In a race ⁣against ⁣time, a project is ⁤launched to rescue⁣ as many people as‌ possible. However, not everyone​ can be saved,⁤ and the main character, Jackson ‌Curtis, finds himself in a secure area with two children. He ‍becomes⁢ aware of the government’s secret plan to conceal‌ the impending doom and embarks on a‌ journey to protect his‌ family amidst ​catastrophic celestial disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis,⁤ and more.

Q: Are ‌there any ⁢bonus features ⁤included with​ the DVD?
A: Yes, there are bonus features​ included⁣ with the DVD! ⁤One of the highlights is ⁤a voice⁢ explanation by ⁤Roland Emergich, the director and scriptwriter of the movie, and Harard Croser, who co-operated on the project. These⁤ insights from the creators give viewers a deeper ‌understanding of the ‌film’s concept and‍ production.

Q: Can you confirm ‍the availability of subtitles on the DVD?
A:‌ Absolutely! ⁤The DVD includes both English and Japanese subtitles, ⁣ensuring ⁣that viewers can enjoy the movie in ⁢their preferred language.

Q: Is this product⁣ discontinued?
A: No, ‌this product is ‍not discontinued. You⁤ can still purchase the ‍2012 Standard Edition​ DVD and experience the ⁤apocalyptic thrills it offers.

Q: Could⁢ you please provide​ the product dimensions and weight?
A: The⁤ product‌ dimensions are 9.84 x 0.87 x 7.09 inches, and it weighs approximately ⁤2.93⁢ ounces.‌ It is a standard-sized DVD⁣ that⁢ is lightweight and easy to ⁣handle.

Note: Please​ keep in mind that ⁤jacket‌ photos, product specifications, and video bonuses‍ are ⁢subject to change without prior notice, as ⁢stated in the copyright notice.

Reveal the Extraordinary

In conclusion, the 2012 Standard Edition [DVD] is a riveting and heart-pounding experience ⁢that takes you​ on a⁣ rollercoaster ride‌ through⁤ the ‍end of the ⁤world. From ⁣the moment the screen ⁣fades​ in, you are thrown headfirst into a ​world filled with cataclysmic ⁣events and unfathomable destruction. As we watch Jackson Curtis navigate the treacherous landscapes and fight⁤ against ⁣unimaginable odds, we can’t help but be captivated⁣ by the relentless action and suspense.

The video‌ and audio‌ quality of this DVD is top-notch, bringing every explosion, ​earthquake, ⁤and ⁣tidal wave‌ to​ life in ⁣stunning detail. The ⁢bonus features, including the voice​ explanations by director Roland ⁣Emergich and co-producer Harard Croser, provide valuable insights into⁣ the making⁣ of this incredible film.

We ​must⁢ mention,‍ however, that ‍jacket photos, product specifications, ⁣and video ‍bonuses are subject to change without prior notice. But fear not, for it does not detract ​from the overall experience that ‌this DVD delivers.

Whether you‍ are a fan of disaster movies or simply⁣ enjoy ⁣thrilling storytelling,⁣ the 2012 Standard Edition⁣ [DVD] is a must-have for your collection. So if you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable ⁤journey through the end of‍ the world, click on⁤ the⁤ link⁣ below and get your copy now:

Apocalyptic Thrills​ Await: Inside the 2012 Standard Edition [DVD]

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