Wacky Panda Slot

November 1, 2018

Wacky Panda Slot

wacky panda slot 300x122 Wacky Panda Slot

wacky panda online slot is the simple, accessible slot game that everyone can get into, regardless of previous experience with online gaming. The player only has to match any two H1 symbols to win, regardless of the position of those symbols. If that isn’t easy enough, you also win with only one H1 symbol as well! Wacky Panda has one fixed pay line, and all wins pay left to right.

The Features

Wacky Panda has a minimum bet of only $0.01, so anyone can get in on the fun.The game aesthetic is inspired by many of the up and coming trends in Asian animation, making Wacky Panda accessible and attractive to international audiences and players who are new to online gaming as well as seasoned gamers who just want an exciting, fun atmosphere to win a few reels.

Aside from the constant chance to win, players will be enticed by the opportunity to learn each of the panda’s zany personalities.

Why You Will Be Back for More

The simplicity of Wacky Panda belies its depth – you will be drawn into the lives of the pandas that help you win. With one of the most flexible bet selections of any online slot, players can come back to play whether they have a huge bankroll or just a few dollars to have a crazy time.